Drones may generally change the way of transportation, some job elimination and creation, and change the way people think when it comes to distance. In addition, drones bring the internet closer to those who couldn’t reach it. It also caters food and medicine to those who are craving for it. Aside from that, drones are also a new approach within the sports industry.

The drone revolution is just starting emphasizing the new GoPro version which is smarter and quicker. Primarily, letsflywisely.com offers a wide variety of the best drones for gopro. But before anything else, and before knowing the 5 ways of using drones in the classroom, it is essential to know more about this miniature flying object up there.

Birth of the first drones

Generally, the principles behind the first flight of drones have been conceptualized for more than years. There were lots of ideas that came up revolving around the ways to make this object to fly. Yet, many of them were really risk-taking. 

Tracing the basic concept of drones may conclude to the point of tele automation of small boats and radio frequencies of Nikola Tesla in 1898. This also led back to the Kettering Bug or the automated missile during World War I. Another one was the first ever reusable aerial vehicle, the Queen Bee of the 1930’s British military.

No matter where the idea originates, the initial purpose of drones is a project of the military that serve as their surveillance tools while flying around the territory of the enemy. 

The Vision of the Future Drones

The Federal Aviation and Administration is generally the one who is responsible for controlling drones. Basically, the job of the FAA is to regulate everything that’s flying in the sky. It is actually the FAA rules who decide on the drones accomplishments. 

However, the techs also incorporate updates on the drones version. Some components of drones are technically supported. Below are some parts of the smartphone that can be also seen in drones.


This is a sensor that is small enough to determine the direction to be followed by the device.


If you want to measure the velocity of your drone, this part is a great help.


The GPS is important to identify where it is heading on.


This is where the power of drones is being sourced out.


Similar with the smartphone, the resolution of the camera makes this flying object smarter and safer.

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Digital arts are defined as technological arts and boast almost endless boundaries that can literally offer various interpretations. The terminology itself have actually evolved throughout time and whereas multimedia art, cyber-art and computer art were the standard in 60s to 90s, the rise of modern and advanced internet created a new layer of connectivity which resulted to a shift in language.

How Art is Defined Today?

Nowadays, we prefer the words new media and digital art which is oftentimes interchangeably used with a bit of nuances among some people.

More often than not, art historians are categorizing digital art as a twofold subject:

  1. Process-oriented visuals and;
  2. Object-oriented artworks

In the latter, digital technologies are used as the mean to an end and act as a tool for creating traditional objects which include:

  • Paintings
  • Prints
  • Sculptures and;
  • Photographs

With regards to process-oriented visuals, the tech is the end itself and the artists are exploring new possibilities that are enclosed to this medium. As a matter of fact, this category is normally associated with the phrase New Media. It is otherwise referred to all computable arts that are created digitally, stored and is distributed.

Simply speaking, while there are artists who are heavily relying on digital tools to emphasize existing medium, others are exploiting digital technology as an intrinsic component in making artworks.

At times, artists have coffee on the side to keep fueling their creative minds. This is the same reason why some artists are diligently looking for the best budget coffee makers to prepare a cup of coffee on the go. As we move forward, we will be tackling the different techniques associated to this new medium.

Digital Painting

This initially appeared in 1990 and uses traditional painting techniques similar to impastos, oil painting and watercolors. Digital painting additionally shares features that are only specific to computer visuals such as distortion and repetition of elements. This sometimes makes the outcome look of an abstract image.

Digital Photography

In this method, it consists of using images that are taken from photographs, satellite-imaging, scans and several records of what is in existence in real-life. Components of digital photography include traditional collage techniques and assemblage of various elements and at the same time, the blending and overlaying of visuals via morphing technology.

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Instagram and other social media platforms are channels in showcasing your brand.

Basically, social media platforms like Instagram reflect your branding. However, viewers and Instagram users may look at it, judge its quality and relate it with art from traditional art to digital art. In fact, many collectors and artists are choosing Instagram to look for new art designs.

Moreover, the thing is a better content must be posted or using the hashtag in an appropriate way. You must have to level up your game.

Ways to acquire art followers when you buy Instagram likes cheap rate

Check the following tips below:

Complete the Instagram Profile

Initially, you need to set a straightforward username. Better to use a real name and include a keyword related to your work or business name. Moreover, make sure to link your art website in it.

Follow the appropriate influencers

Basically, following the right person on Instagram will help you to get notified using your profile. Most of the time, viewers will have to follow you due to the fact that they like everything there.

Make engaging content

Always remember this when making your Instagram content, prioritize quality rather than quantity. This platform lets you tell your fans about your artistic experience. 

Post sufficiently but do not over post

Generally, one to two images posted in one day is a good way to connect with the viewers. Moreover, establish a posting schedule to let your post always be fresh in viewers mind.

Inclined socially

Connecting socially and engaging into it may pay you well over the web by acquiring fans, followers, and viewers. Simply do this by liking and commenting on posts of other artists and influencers. Additionally, make it a habit to reply to those who give comments on your posts.

Using hashtag

Generally, hashtags act to be an essential goal in Instagram. These are usual keywords and phrases that viewers can utilize to see your artwork. The rules that apply is to use at least five to ten hashtags in an individual post. However, you can also use up to thirty hashtags or create your own hashtags.

Discover what really works

Using a business account, Instagram provides an easier way to showcase your art business. Monitor your postings, who liked it, commented on it or more. Manage your hashtag utilization and you can even buy Instagram likes cheap rate to gain more popularity.

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getting an SHSAT tutorThe Specialized High School Admissions Test or SHSAT is an exam taken by incoming eighth grade students wanting to gain admission to one of the nine specialized high schools located in New York City. As this is a major determiner for admission, applicants need to prepare for it.

Getting an SHSAT tutor could be an excellent way to prepare and equip your child for the SHSAT exam and provides students individualized attention that many don’t get in a packed classroom. Moreover, getting a tutor who is already familiar with the SHSAT will give students relevant knowledge and skills to be truly ready, equipped as well as confident in taking the exam.

tips for looking for the best high schoolLooking For The Best high School For Your Child

As parents, we want the best for our children which is why we give and provide what we can especially if it would help them in achieving success. One of this is providing the education they need to make it through life, and a high school education is imperative as it sets the stage for the academic as well as the professional future of our children.

Yes, it may be easy and convenient to send our children to the nearest high school, but there are actually a lot of things to consider if we truly want to give the best education for our children. In choosing the best school, you should also consider the specific needs of your child. And to do this, we as parents have to research and learn more about our options. This could be a challenging task, but with the following tips, you are sure to narrow down your search and choose the best high school for your child.

determine child's learning needs and stylesDetermine the Needs of Your Child

Some students function better in a learning environment that is structured whereas others do well in a classroom setting that allow learners to learn independently but still with a guided process. Learn about the curriculum of the school, their disciplinary practices and policies, and other policies on the academic requirements to find out if the learning environment would suit your child’s needs. Moreover, know if the school does provide all the help students need irrespective of their background, incapacities, as well as learning styles. If your child is very much talented and gifted, either in academics or the arts, a specialized high school may be a good option.

Identify the Learning Style of your Child

One way to determine the needs of your child is to identify their learning style. Some work independently, others do better in groups, some are visual learners whereas others a more on auditory. If your child has a learning disability that the school need to focus on, it is imperative to ask if the school offers any specialized curriculum or specific programs to further help the child.

Look into the School’s Academic Programs

In several instances, the academic programs offered by the school is the decisive factor for many parents in search for advanced academic programs and a more rigorous curriculum that would challenge children who are academically inclined. There are those who would opt for dual enrollment wherein it allows student to obtain college credits even though they are still in high school.

look into academic programs and extracurricular activitiesIdentify the Offered Extracurricular Opportunities

If some parents consider academic programs, others look into extracurricular activities such as sports, technology clubs, music, art, and more. Bigger schools frequently have a more extensive gamut of extracurricular activities that students could sign up to. For smaller private schools, extracurricular programs or activities are limited, so look into that to know if it would fit your child’s needs and interests, which would they could develop and improve.

Talk to Your Child

The above-mentioned are only a few of the many things you could do to find the best school your child. However, the best and most important thing to do is to talk to your child. Although decision-making power comes from you, it is imperative to listen to your child and know their thoughts and consider their input.

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For a study, the school results and internet behavior of thousands of Australian young people were analyzed. Those who play video games often tend to do better than their classmates in math, science and reading. Students who underperform more often use social media and chat programs.

How does Internet consumption affect school grades?

This question is not only of concern to annoyed parents, who are arguing with their adolescent teenage children over smartphones at the table, and spending nights on the computer. Scientists at RMIT University in Melbourne have also taken up the question and analyzed Pisa results and online behavior of more than 12,000 Australian 15-year-olds.

The result of the study, the current in the International Journal of Communication published differentiated falls from – depending on what kind online employment is involved. According to the study, the often controversial online video games have a positive impact on school success. If you play regularly, you get significantly better grades than your classmates. And that is the area of ​​mathematics as well as in the natural sciences and even reading skills.

Those who play daily achieved 15 points more than the average of the pupils in the Pisa arithmetic tasks, and even 17 points in the field of natural sciences. According to study leader Alberto Rosso, the young gamers sharpen their cognitive skills. In order to advance to the next level in the online game, “one draws on the knowledge and skills that one acquired during the day in class”.

Psychology Daddeln for the brain

Those who use social media are on average worse in math. However, the situation is very different for students who often use social media such as Facebook or chat programs. Here the scientists have found a negative connection to school success. Teenagers who write messages every day were on average 20 points worse in math than students who avoid social media. Here, however, it is not entirely clear what the cause and what the effect is, according to Posso: Those who post cat videos for hours or write to Whatsapp with their girlfriend have less time for homework. “On the other hand, it is also possible that the less good pupils maintain social contacts with others.”

As a consequence, should parents now block their son or daughter’s Facebook account and let their offspring play World of Warcraft or even buy League of Legends smurf? According to study leader Alberto Posso, things are not that simple. After all, Internet behavior is only one of many influencing factors. For example, skipping classes or a migrant background had a much greater impact on the grade-cutting.

“However, teachers should consider whether they can integrate popular video games into the classroom – provided they are not violent,” recommends Posso. Social networks such as Facebook could be used more by schools to encourage weaker students to participate.

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A 2017 study conducted by Brown University researchers used online games data to discern behaviors that enable players to develop efficient gaming skills.


The purpose of the study is not so much on what habits and practices that video gamers must develop in order to get ranked as an elite. The focus is to get insights about gaming behaviors that individuals can apply in developing and optimizing skills for any kind of endeavor.

Jeff Huang, lead author of the study and a computer science professor at Brown University in Providence, Rhode island, is appreciative of the large volume of available gaming-related information. Professor Huang said that in having tons of well-measured gaming statistics, they were able to measure patterns in behaviors and habits, whilst covering a longer timeframe. The computer science professor said that they were able to accomplish more than what they could achieve in laboratory settings.

Brown Study Says Applying Moderation Helps in Improving Game Efficiency

Professor Huang said that their study of “Halo” online matches covering a 7-month period in which about 3.2 million people played, yielded gaming habits that suggest spacing out one’s game matches can help players their playing efficiency. After all, in aiming to reach higher ranks, it’s not just the number of matches played but the quality of the games that were played.



Spacing one’s game denotes taking short breaks, perhaps to analyze where and how a match was lost instead of continuing with greater intensity without fully being aware of the improvements needed to turn the match in one’s favor. Keeping the breaks short is important, as short gaps will allow players to quickly regain whatever skills they have already acquired. Moreover, regaining one’s skills is important before putting any new strategies to a test.

In our opinion, short breaks can also be used in allowing ranked players to play in one’s behalf and at the same time watch how a professional player performs and takes meaningful actions. Use of rank boosting services is already a norm. That is why in a newly-released Riot Game entitled “Valorant,” many players want to quickly breeze through competition levels by way of valorant elo boosting. That way, they can face matches involving skilled players rather than having to go through levels that include newbie players.

Still based on the findings of the Brown University researchers, honing one’s gaming skills can help in developing habits and behaviors not just for gaming purposes but for developing effective responses in real-life situations as well.

Getting One’s Mind and Body into a Routine as a Means of Developing Second Nature Responses

The Brown University researchers also took to studying data on hundreds of matches played in the Starcraft video games. In comparing the playing habits of less-skilled players with those of the elite players, one notable difference they discovered is that highly-skilled player tend to use hotkeys in order to quickly respond to situations.

Actually, it’s not the use of hotkeys per se that makes a major difference, but the efficient use of customized keyboard shortcuts when giving quick commands to unit groups. In the process of doing so, elite players have developed rapid response habits as a second nature.

Professor Huang also noted engaging in warm-ups as a technique used by elite players in developing second nature habits. Warming up hotkey skills is akin to practicing rapid scrolling whilst issuing even meaningless dummy commands just to evaluate the effects during the early stages of the games.

When applied in real life situations, developing second nature responses to challenging and/or unique situations can help individuals cope with stressful conditions. Since part of one’s responses will automate, part of one’s mind is free to focus on other aspects to simultaneously assess situations.

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Life is in college is not all easy. While it can be exciting to spend your college days in a University, being partially independent (or some others being totally independent), college is a place that prepares you for adulthood or as what they say adulting.

Keeping a balance between life and school work

Finishing a degree is actually a challenge but it can be fun too. But if you are striving on your own, juggling two to three part-time jobs while attending college, your journey is extra challenging. You will need all the help you can get to pass every subject enrolled as a requirement for your course.

Technology is extra helpful. The use of computers for research to finish case studies comes in handy. And if you don’t have enough time to sit down for research, you can always get some help from professionals who understand your situation. You can get this kind of help by outsourcing assignments and other research work through sites like https://www.allassignmenthelp.co.uk/.

Studying in college involves a lot. From drinking beer in the pub to blocks for your exams and from sports with your association to your student travel product during the week (because free) visiting your parents. But what is involved?

Here are some tips to stretch your budget and save money. All you really need to do is shop smarter while in college.

  • Cash, money, hard knocks. Whatever you call it, living on your own often means that you have to be more economical. Something you can save on? The groceries! Of course, you have to eat every day and every day fries, pizza or white bread with peanut butter for dinner is not really wise. So do smarter shopping! How? Our tips:
  • Make a shopping list. If you consider what you need in advance and write it down, you will be less tempted to grab the m & ms, chocolate bars and chips on offer.
  • Check the bottom shelf. This is really true; the supermarkets put the more expensive products at eye level and at the bottom of the shelf you will find the cheaper products. Often just as tasty and it saves a lot of money.
  • Jars and cans. Always have cans of beans or other vegetables in your pantry. This way you have something healthy on the table in no time.
    Check the offers. It may sound like an open door, but it is often really worth cycling a street for the offers or matching your shopping list (tip1) to the folder.
  • Between all the beers, wines, and nocturnal dinners, you would still like to stay fit. Very wise! But a subscription to the gym is still a lot of money. Sports for free! How? Go for a run. Do home workouts with bodyweight.

For real; it doesn’t have to be that complicated. But do it! Once you are able to shop wiser, you can save enough money from your monthly allowance or from your hard-earned salary. And life could be so much easier when you get extra help for your schoolwork.


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Just like in other powerful countries, the widespread eruption of the Covid-19 disease in France is seen as a result of presidential leadership.


Yet unlike U.S. president Trump, French President Emmanuel Macron, well known for being one of the most powerful leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) international economic organization, humbly admitted his failures as a leader. He publicly acknowledged his government’s slow response, lack of preparedness and serious missteps that set the stage for France’s ranking today, as the country with the fourth highest cases of Covid-19 infection, totalling 165,027 of which 17,820 have died.

France’s Lack of Preparedness in Battling a Potentially Imminent Pandemic

Despite France’s world-class health care system, which has been consistently ranked as one of the best in the world, the medical facilities were not prepared to handle the novel coronavirus pandemic when it spread outside of China. The country’s health care system was quickly overwhelmed since there were not enough hospital beds, surgical masks, ventilators and other equipment critical to treatment of patients infected by Covid-19.

As remedial actions, the country’s leading food markets were transformed into makeshift morgues, while high-speed trains became emergency vehicles in Covid-19 infected patients seeking medical treatment. .

In Pres. Macron’s televised address to the nation last Monday, the French president announced the extension of the national lockdown to May 11, 2020. He also did not mince words in admitting the government’s lack of preparedness, saying

“This moment, let us be honest since the Covid-19 crisis has revealed cracks and shortages.” “Just like every country across the globe, we lacked gloves, hand gels, and have not been able to provide as many protective masks needed by our health professionals.”

Macron Government’s Slow Response

In January 24, 2020, when then French Health Minister Agnès Buzyn revealed that two French residents who had traveled to China, had tested positive for the coronavirus, Macron government’s actions did not show any sense of urgency. Notwithstanding that the two were also the first known Covid-19 case in Europe.

Although health officials gave advise to citizens to observe safety measures, strict implementation of social distancing measures was still not in place.

Despite shutting down 120 schools in the two regions to be the hardest hit, France’s Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer told local televisions stations that confining everyone at home would not make sense, since it would paralyze the country.

Up to the early weeks of March, gatherings of 1,000 people were still allowed. President Macron himself attended a theater performance to show that even as the novel coronavirus has been spreading, life can continue without disruptions.



It was only in the middle of March, when France’s Covid-19 cases reached 15,000 that Macron and his leadership team began to worry over the possibility that the contagions would become worse, and that the situation was not showings signs of getting.getting better

To make matters worse, France did not have enough testing kits to test those tracked as potential carriers of the disease.

France as it turned out was merely ordering their supply of test kits from China, which at that time, was still deeply embattled in the fight against Covid-19.

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It’s hard to be the bearer of bad news but it seems that there’s no stopping the increasing number of cases for Covid-19. In fact, the virus is now more of a global pandemic that forces different countries to take extreme measures to prevent the outbreak, one being implementing lockdown and quarantine to their respective territories.

Basically, with such bold move, the members of various professional learning networks have left with nothing but to identify key practices that will ensure successful online learning. In this article are ideas from educators worldwide on how teaching can be done despite the coronavirus situation.

Digital Equity

When it comes to effective online learning, equity is the biggest setback. Thus, this ought to be the first thing to be resolved. For students or teachers who do not have Wi-Fi access to their home, districts have to find a way on buying or renting Wi-Fi hotspots and then, plan for even distribution of both the hotspots and devices.

Always take into account that for students who have IEPs or Individual Educational Plans, they need an access to specific accommodations throughout closure which also include logins for apps and video access to aids.


Schools that have implemented digital learning in their facility and have worked out their way on home-connectivity as well as device issues are already one step ahead. However, in the event that your school hasn’t laid any footwork for this matter, this could be a wonderful opportunity for the school to grow and strive for greatness.

Instructors who are not accustomed to using learning management system will have to splurge themselves so to prevent communication interruption in wake of sudden closure. Teachers must have the initiative of improving themselves on technology tools and apps that might have to be used in case of closure.

Creativity and Passion of Teaching

Yes it is true that teachers are humans too but being an educator, you have a moral responsibility of educating and sharing knowledge to your students. From how you work your magic on finding out how much Vaillant boilers cost despite the situation we are facing now, make use of the same motivation and excitement in teaching your class.

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Letting agents supplying student accommodation will 99% of the time, provide a high quality of support. Unfortunately not stick to the same high standards. Choosing the incorrect property agent for your student accommodation can result in all sorts of problems, so here are a few of the signs to look out for that should warn you to provide a broad selection to a leasing agent.

Every property broker will receive reviews from time to time, but if you carry out your research and find that a real estate agent has a particularly large amount of negative reviews, this could be a indication that you ought to pick a different broker.

It’s easy because you just have to generate a quick search online and see what’s up, to locate reviews. Also consider asking around to find students who have used the estate agents to find out if they would recommend them.

When you consent to live in student accommodation, a tenancy agreement must be signed by you. However, some may inform you this isn’t vital. This may leave you unprotected and uncertain of your rights when you stay in the property, so you are aware that you will need to find a different person in case your broker tells you to not bother with this.

No Specifics of Landlords

Your agent should provide the details of your landlord, including their name and address to you. If they fail to supply you with all these details then you should consider picking a different broker who is pleased if you go into your student accommodation to provide them.

You will quickly be able to tell if the property has been kept in a good state or not, when your agent shows you around a house. If the interior seems failed, or there is equipment which is not working like shower or the boiler, you can bet that you will have. If they state they will sort it out never take their word, and ask yourself why they’ve not bothered to do it previously.

Make certain that you ask your agent plenty of questions whenever you are considering renting student accommodation from them. A good broker will be delighted to answer any queries which you have and will not attempt to conceal anything. Move onto another agent who is open and wants to assist you if you have the impression that your questions aren’t being answered in detail.

Choose the Right Student Letting Agent

If you want to choose letting agents for your student lodging , the above are some of the principal signs to consider. Picking the agent that is letting that is incorrect may result in a very disappointing experience for you and your housemates, so make sure that you opt for so that you can enjoy your time being a pupil as much as you can, a leasing agent you can trust.

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The Art of Building Websites

Services and marketing products to customers in ways is essential for businesses. Technology within our society is quickly advancing, radically altering the way companies must advertise their products or services. Getting outcomes that are substantial and running an advertisement in the paper has turned into a strategy of yesteryear. The world wide web is currently the source that customers use to obtain the finest, most dependable businesses, goods, and services that they want at fair rates.

While the world wide web is vital, we continue to think that successful marketing must be diversified. A business cannot rely on a marketing plan one to fuel their small business. Promotion is about what works best for every individual small business. The best way is to pay attention to how every client who signs learned about your company concentrate your advertising efforts. Good companies reach out to prospective and present clients in a number of ways (like newspapers, magazines, flyers, newsletters, media releases, brochures, radio and tv advertisements, the world wide web, along with the Yellow Pages) with the best aim that the majority of the company will gradually be driven by word.

Among the best marketing approaches is to construct an appealing site that may be easily seen by potential clients searching the net.

When searching to fulfill their demands consumers prefer to sit in the privacy and comfort of their houses and businesses. Web searches are quicker and cheaper than searching for ads in newspapers or phoning around. Assembling the proper site with the ideal web design company may hence be a proactive approach to weather dire financial conditions – a period when advertising budgets should be raised rather than decreased if your company plans to endure.

You would like a very simple site that reads nicely, navigates easily, and can be customer-friendly, vibrant, visually attractive, and clear. The website should rank among the top ten websites when keywords are put into an internet search engine such as Google found. It is tricky to discover a web design company that could supply each of these elements for achievement because every web design service demands different experts. There are lots of sites made. Oftentimes, the artist knew post and how to construct an appealing site but did not employ the appropriate coding to bring traffic.

That has been it, although individual access to the website and could type in the web address it was invisible to anybody. The bottom line: tens of thousands of dollars. Before constructing your site, you wish to set up goals.

Others compensated for sites that were great but received inferior support. We have heard horror stories of internet design firms by retaining possession of the website of their customer throughout the development period being dishonest. If they wanted to change to some other web design firm then, the firms revealed the client’s worst nightmare: the site was not owned by the client.

Our businesses’ buying philosophy is to always go first course in the best possible cost and with the ideal firm. In the long term, an internet design business protects against headaches, generates organization, and will help save you money. Internet design comprised, is vital, but do not let money be your selection criteria although paying rates for almost any service.

The general cost of site development is driven by the amount of webpages, the thickness of graphic layout, the form and caliber of hosting, just how much movie cartoon is involved, and also the demand for custom software like e-commerce, Internet advertising and continuing support services. The more you need from a web site it requires the designer to generate the website. It’s also advisable to budget cash for site maintenance, problem-solving, investigation, and advertising support to make sure the website is always current, achieves high search engine positions, and generates plentiful site traffic.

Investigate the competitors’ sites. Competitors are educators that are excellent, constantly remain 1 step forward and so learn from them. When looking at other people’s sites, it is okay to borrow wide ideas, color schemes, and designs, but you desire to honor their job, copyrights, and trademarks.

Document the speeches of the ones you enjoy and what you enjoy providing your designer with some thoughts when developing a website for you. Remember you do not wish to mimic your own competitor. You would like to stick out from the audience Since Sam Walton mentioned. Before you approach a web designing firm, research fundamental web design knowledge to ensure unscrupulous designers do not speak in a language you do not know, urge web elements you do not desire and also overcharge you. But powerful web designers can direct you.

As soon as you understand the fundamentals and understand what you need in a web site, approach several businesses to ascertain the ideal fit for your industry. You and your web designer must meet to brainstorm and create approaches. Understand and they should see your company.  Some firms design sites which are not compatible with every online browser.

Therefore, while it might seem good on Internet Explorer, even as soon as a user using the following browser visits your site, it may seem distorted, skewed, and even unprofessional. Your site should display properly in most browsers.

Clear site objectives, payment provisions, and deliverables with programs. You have all rights and present passwords to site files and domains. You have got the right to alter web design firms anytime without penalty when the website is submitted, and all payments are made. Details regarding continuing post-development service and relevant expenses.

You will need to pay the web designer once the site is assembled to produce edits. Professors at universities and colleges and high school English teachers create excellent authors. Font forms, headings, and how text is coordinated can affect readability and keep (or deter) traffic to your website, and typos and grammatical mistakes paint an unprofessional image of your business. Initial impressions and perception are crucial in producing a site, so make certain the text on your website projects a feeling of authenticity.

An expert graphic designer must work together with the web designer to produce excellent images, color, and designs that will impress visiting potential clients.

These artists are imaginative and are trained to produce user-friendly and site appealing. They possess the special capability to simplify matters such as navigational bars, make tasteful color schemes, insert proper, diverse images, and identify layout inconsistencies.

Be careful since some tiny businesses have slower hosting rates and cannot offer 24-hour, seven-day-a-week customer care. Be more cautious in case your web design provider hosts themselves. When a host that is hosting overloads, malfunctions, or fails, it is very important that this situation is addressed. Your issue will not be resolved until the following business day, which might impair your site and result if hosting service is restricted. Choose a proper hosting for your website like FastComet, https://bloggersneed.com/fastcomet-review/. In your program, let bandwidth and storage space to permit expansion with other documents, databases, images, and internet applications. Getting addresses that are personalized demonstrates your company is a professional firm and informs them that you are they type on your address.

Work together with the web design business to agree on a set of keywords and phrases your potential clients will most probably be using in their searches, placing yourself in the customers’ shoes, considering them, and contemplating keywords or phrases they might use to find your site and company.

As you know your company better than anybody, your site content should be driven by you, and superior web designers can help steer you. Web designers understand how to examine opponents’ websites to ascertain what is currently bringing their customers. The number of phrases and keywords which you use will determine the expenses of the service. The internet company should supply a ranking report to you to monitor the development of every keyword in every search engine. Speak to your web design firm’s references to affirm that you are currently working with a company who will offer this support at a method that is clear.

Designing eye-catching sites which function is a science and an art. It also should have quality and realistic photos. It requires the attempt and time to refine your site. Your web designer should be a partner in assisting you to set your organization’s internet presence as you journey that few achieve success and building online advertising programs.

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Blending outdoor spaces indoors in an interesting approach has been a typical practice in luxury homes. Architects and professional aquarium caregiving agencies (and interior designers too), will now do everything they can to add new life to the concept by means of integrating expensive large aquariums in their plans.

Best Aquariums In The World

Available in saltwater versions as well as freshwater, these high-style living landscapes are more than just a storehouse for awesome fish fleets. Carefully screened to create an exciting and frequently growing art experience.

Acrylic designs for glass or large aquariums, ranging from creative minimalist sea scene cordons featuring driftwood, rock, and sand floating fish to sophisticated living reef tanks that replicate a natural ecosystem finished with coral, crabs, shells and oceans cucumber.

James Bruce Sanderia Group said, “Coral is a living marine garden in our homes where corals are constantly growing and also moving, and visual sights are frequently changing.

Regardless of the form of custom stand-alone furniture, structural statues or smart tailor made wall units, this reinforced aquarium is an important part of your home’s architectural and entertainment features.

Aquarium as a Design Element – ​​Means of Meditation

No matter what the size is, the aquarium is designed to enhance the interior decor.

Schapira said, “The aquascape I create is embodied in the architecture and outlook of the room. The aquarium tank is a canvas and the fish is an actor, so it should pop out.”

He thought himself as a filmmaker who tells a story and makes every single scene exquisite.

He said the best aquarium seems to be unplanned. “They seem to have just happened and came to existence. You cannot really say that it was made by a designer.”

Aside from aesthetics, research has shown that staring at the aquarium minimizes stress and reduces blood pressure.

Schapira said, “Aquariums create windows in other worlds and bring nature home. It’s a very special experience coming from nature. It’s a form of pure meditation.”

Aquariums are growing to be more sophisticated mainly because different technologies can create almost any form and size that homeowners dream of.

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Every homeowner would want to have a safe and secure home. Many go to iShotify best spy cameras for home to purchase and install surveillance cameras both inside and outside.

In educational or learning institutions, with the cases of bullying as well as gun violence increasingly becoming more prevalent, you can’t be sure if their current security system is enough and doing its responsibility to keep everyone safe.

According to a PDK survey, 72% of the respondents do not have confidence in the security system of their schools. Today, putting door locks and/or padlocks as well as metal detectors in the entry ways of schools isn’t enough security anymore.

Security is talked about and everyone’s concern, and learning institutions across the nation and the world are finding ways to reinforce and strengthen their systems for security. One simple, secure and inexpensive option is to install surveillance cameras. Video surveillance provides numerous benefits to improve the security system of the school and make it safer.

Deter Delinquency and Crime

Prevention is essential. Installing security cameras where it is out of reach yet could be seen by individuals has been discovered to deter or prevent some kinds of illicit activities. Cameras installed all around the campus as well as in its perimeter will aid to avert break-ins, vandalism, false fire-alarms, and other misdemeanors and crimes. In case such incident happens, the school will have solid evidence to act accordingly.

Keeps Everyone Safe

The most significant motive for installing a system for video surveillance in learning institutions is for the safety of everyone in school, students, faculty and staff. Surveillance systems would aid to keep an eye on students, tricky and challenging situations, as well as to keep bullying at bay. Moreover, they could be effective in monitoring visitors entering the school campus and averting access that is unauthorized. Additionally, it could aid authorities to evaluate the condition more precisely if an incident does come to pass. Better and accurate info directs toward quicker evacuations as well as perfects the authorities’ reaction time adding to the safety of people in the school and making parents happier and more assured.

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For many adults, hunting is one of the many outdoor recreational activities they delight in since they not only find it fulfilling, but also beneficial to their health. While it is always best to follow extra caution in outdoor activities such as what Bikersrights.com said regarding their reviews on helmets. Aside from hunting, many delight in other outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, camping, walking and running since they also greatly benefit from them.

Children, on the other hand, could also benefit from outdoor activities. In fact, just by playing outdoors, children will learn a lot of life skills that will ultimately help them as they grow.


Outdoor Play – It’s Benefits

For the past years, there have been a rise in the number of young children spending a so much time indoors in front of their computer screens, smartphones, or television, which directed to numerous researches emphasizing the harmful impact on children’s development as well as their health. It is crucial to encourage children to play outdoors. Whether it’s a home, at the park, or at school, outdoor play will greatly benefit children.

Develop Learning

Playing outdoors aids in the development of the learning capabilities of children. By means of placing educational equipment outside, children develop an advance their learning abilities through play, which is an amusing approach of for children to learn new skills and awareness. Moreover, learning in the outdoors will encourage children to perceive learning as continuous process rather than a task only done at school.


Outdoor play helps children to be independent when interacting and socializing with other children, even as they play by themselves. Children learn to take turns when playing games, to be patient as they wait for their turn, to pick themselves up when fall and learn from it, as well as hot to navigate unfamiliar play equipment. Because of these, they learn independence, self-reliance, and patience.

Explore and Discover Things

Frequently, outside play equipment carries a bit more risk compared to indoor toys. Children will learn to have the courage to slide down on slides, or to make an attempt to go through play trails that could be challenging for them. Outside play equipment could aid children to learn to assess risks and push themselves out of their limits. Furthermore, children learn to explore and discover new games as well as to become self-confident in trying and learning new things without the help of their parents.

For other benefits of outdoor play, watch the short video below:

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Last January 07, 2020, France commemorated the fifth year of the fateful day Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical news magazine, was attacked by militant islamists. Two jihadists linked to the al-Qaeda terrorist group, slaughtered 12 people, mostly journalists and cartoonists including the magazine’s editor Stéphane “Charb” Charbonnier and the policemen assigned to protect him, whilst leaving 11 others critically injured.



In marking the 5th death anniversary of their slain colleagues, the weekly magazine released a special issue featuring contributions coming from the families of the victims as well as the survivors of the massacre.

French social media sites were alive with tweets and Instagram posts using the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie (I am Charlie) to honour and keep alive the memory of the victims who died as a result of the Charlie Hebdo massacre five years ago.

About 50 people gathered to pay their respect at the site that formerly served as the Charlie Hebdo headquarters. Many gave tributes and laid wreaths, while others read commemorative plaques. It was described as a moment of solidarity in which several minutes of silence were observed in remembering the victims who died and suffered in one of the most violent Islamic terrorist attacks in France. Among those who attended was Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, former French President Francois Hollande and Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet.

French Minister of Culture Announces Plans for Creation of Centre for Cartoonists

In marking the 5th death anniversary of Charlie Hebdo victims, the French government joined the commemoration by announcing that a “House of Press and Satirical Cartoons” will be established.

According to incumbent Minister of Culture Frank Riesler, the cartoon centre is a project that was conceived and longed for by Georges Wolinski, one of five satirical cartoonists killed in the 2015 Charlie Hebdo massacre. While living, Wolinski had plans to create a place where satirical cartoonists could congregate and meet to enable the advancement and promotion of their satirical illustrations.



Riesler read

“I am convinced that today, we need to dedicate a place where creators of press cartoons and satirical cartoons can meet and train as well as put in exhibit their creations, as had been wished for by Georges Wolinski.”


The Minister of Culture’s statement also conveyed that the government acknowledges that press cartoon is a powerful form of creativity and expression in ensuring the independence of media, and in keeping the vitality of the country’s democracies. He also acknowledged the need to protect and defend press and satirical cartoonists, as the recurring threats continue to weigh down on them as a new form of censorship on what they should create as “witness to our time and to the dangers that threaten our freedom.”

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College life is something that the students are so ecstatic so experience after graduating from high school. This is the point in their lives where they can feel like an actual adult, but they have more things to improve in themselves before they can become successful in their respective field of study. However, college is not a gentle breeze like some people might think. In fact, figures show that a huge percentage of students entering college do not graduate.

There Are Many Students Who Are Unable To Finish Tertiary Education, Study Shows

According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, the over-all six-year college completion rate for the cohort entering college in 2011 was only 56.9 percent. Meanwhile, around 45 percent of students completed a credential at the same institution where they started their studies, and another 12 percent finished at a different institution. While the data sound quite alarming, there is a bit of improvement with two consecutive years of increase in percentage, and the over-all completion rate has actually surpassed 56.1 percent, which was obtained right before the recession period in the United States.

There is a slight rise in college completion rate over the past few years, which might sound convincing, but there is still a reason to work on the number of college students who are not able to finish their education. Data shows that a pretty sizeable 43 percent of college students who started their post-secondary studies in 2011 have yet to obtain a diploma for their respective degrees.

What is more concerning is that one-third of this number had already dropped out of college, thus missing all the opportunities that their early years in college had to offer. Some people might blame things such as the negative influence of social media on the students, but more thorough investigation and action must be done to solve this.

College Students Tend To Experience Heavier Mental Health Problems Due To Academic Burden

Dealing with mental health is a serious issue, and it is not something that anyone should take lightly. This is very true for students who are struggling to finish a college degree. Based on the figures from the spring of 2018, almost two-thirds of college students said they had experienced overwhelming anxiety within the previous 12 months, and almost 57 percent said that they suffer from higher-than-average stress levels. There are many ways for a student to enjoy life and take things easier, perhaps even trying ownage prank call for some delightful moment, but what needs to be done here is to ensure help to these students from health professionals.

According to the Center for Collegiate Mental Health, for over a five-year span leading up to 2015, the number of college students who sought help from campus counseling centers due to stress and axiety concerns increased by an average of 30 to 40 percent, although it is worth noting thatr enrollment grew by only five percent over that same time period. This should already be expected, since the pressure in getting passing marks in college is arduous, not to mention the pressure for many students who still have loan depts to worry about instead of just focusing on their academic load.

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The education system is truly stepping up this year. We go from the traditional way of teaching to using electronic and audiobooks, to incorporating laptops and even handling online exams. And now, we are using drones.

Among the latest tech trends, the use of drones has become widespread among photographers, journalists, farmers, police officers and many others. For teachers, using drones in the classroom open up a new set of opportunities to make classes more relevant and engaging for students.

Indeed, in the earlier days drones are mentioned as a new and an important step towards introducing technology in the classroom. Together with similar gadgets, they have given teachers the opportunity to use these rather simple and affordable tools to teach children verbal skills, languages and even math.

Uses of Drones in the Classroom

But the question now is… how can you be effective in using drones in the classroom? let’s start it with these tips!

Use Drones For Speaking And Writing Exercises

With the coming of drones, no space is now unreachable to the human eye. The ability of drones to reach areas we wouldn’t be otherwise able to see can be a great source of inspiration for writing exercises. Go out with your class and photograph some beautiful scenery and later have the kids describe it, or make up a story taking place at the scenes you photographed.

Use Drones To Teach Math

Math can be quite challenging to teach, especially to the students that have not developed an interest in it. The lack of application in practice is what makes math so abstract to students, and thus engagement can be reduced to a minimum.

Use Drones To Develop Children Motor Skills And Hand-Eye Coordination

Developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination is a crucial part of the child’s development. It influences many other skills such as reading, writing, balance, sense of direction and other fine motor skills. It is important to practice those skills and drones are a fun way to do so. there are also drones under 200 that requires excellent hand-eye coordination, as children need to use visual cues and be aware of the special relations so that they could use their hands to control their path and destination.


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In this millennial era, there are a lot of seminar events ranging from employee seminars, opening a cat sales business to how to import and export and so on. Usually, the success of an event is always measured by how many people come to the seminar and how many engagements there might be at the seminar (product sales, etc.). Annually, usually, everyone will attend at least 3-4 seminars a year.

Tips on Running Successful Seminars



From the information above, we can find out the importance of holding successful and interesting seminars for people who come to our events. In addition, the cost to hold a seminar is also very expensive starting from the cost of renting a room, decoration, lighting, food, sound hire, and souvenirs goodie bag seminar. These costs will swell if not accompanied by a good number of attendees from your seminar.

Then what important points do we need to pay attention to in holding a seminar? What distinguishes a successful seminar from a failed seminar? We will learn more about the following points.

Determine the Purpose or Objective of Your Seminar

Successful seminars are seminars that can provide clear information precisely on the topic of the seminar, have a rundown of events from the beginning to the end of the seminar, budget seminar costs that need to be issued and set of skills that must be possessed by the speaker. It is intended that your seminar will be very efficient both in terms of cost and right to the target audience you are after.

Selection of Seminar Place

The seminar venue is no less important than the seminar itself. Choosing a place that is far from most of your target market will adversely affect the ticket sales of the seminar itself. In addition, the facilities of the seminar venue need to be considered especially in terms of sound system, electricity capacity, crowd management of the building, access to and exiting, seating arrangements for the seminar and whether the venue is suitable to represent your company’s product or brand.

Consumption, Lodging & Souvenir Preparations

As the host of your event, it is important for you to prepare for your seminar consumption, especially if your seminar is very long. Lodging also needs to be considered if your seminar attracts many visitors from out of town or abroad, it is crucial to provide information about appropriate lodging around the seminar venue.

Aside from that, promotion is something that is required for the event makers. Starting from the leaflets, social media, and promotional media such as souvenirs the event needs to be prepared in advance to be able to attract many visitors. Great events are certainly not successful without targeted promotions. Providing souvenirs is one way to lure visitors to come to your event. Some effective ideas for media promotions are Flashdisk Promotions and Promotional Tumblers

Selecting Speakers

The speaker is the most important element in the seminar. The speaker who is the “teacher” on the topic you want to convey, will give a magnet to users who are interested in the topic of your seminar. The speaker needs to have a certain set of skills according to your topic and have a humorous or humorous personality that is sometimes important to make your event more lively.

Allow time to rest

Break times are important for participants in the seminar because basically humans cannot concentrate continuously (especially over 2-3 hours). So there is a lot of giving time to rest so participants can release fatigue or boredom, so they can focus more on the next event or session. Forcing events that are too crowded may not be very effective for participants.

From here you can find out some important tips on holding a successful and interesting seminar for participants.

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Setting Up Your Bedroom Artistically

Furnishings and contemporary bedroom sets sanction one to engender a museum of art. The museum atmosphere comes when they are destitute of the antiques of designs, although recollect, in furniture form follows function, so the bits are yare to perform their job. Rather, furnishings and contemporary bedroom sets are crisp and pristine and therefore are signature.

Because contemporary bedroom furnishings and sets aren’t ornate, you may frequently commix and fit them to engender the look that you optate on your museum atmosphere. Among the wonderful things about furniture is the things which were designed a couple of years past will work from the masters of their kineticism.

You ought to commence using the mattress like australia’s bed in a box , itself, because this is going to be the middle of your bedroom exhibit. The things to search for in bedroom sets are design and contrasting colours. Generally bedroom sets’ colours will be red, white and ebony. That can mean also an accent cushion, bedding that is white along with timber. Or you might probe bedroom sets onto the headboard with glass accents, bedding that is ebony and metal frames. There are alternatives to possess these colors function as the centerpiece to the bedroom setting.

Next cerebrate of those fortifying bits of furniture that you need in your own bedroom. It’s likely that you might discover contemporary bedroom collections. Afore to be able to have all of the storage you’d like, you need to produce a list of what you are going to buy from an outside  shop. Again these bedroom sets and the material and colour scheme of ebony or black white forests, glass and metal accents must stick together. You may have the ability to discover bits and some dressers with alloy accenting that will provide an appearance that is sharp.

Not just with the contemporary furniture will you engender a distinctive artistic flavor, but you may also exhibit a few of your personal artwork pieces upon the modern bedroom sets. You can use accent tables to display these pieces of artwork you’ve gathered showing them off in gallery fashion if you’re a collector of artwork.

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The Louvre, the museum that has earned a reputation for being the world’s most visited institution, has found it necessary to make booked-entry obligatory, as a way of receiving up to 50,000 visitors every day. The decision came after the museum experienced disruptions in July 2019 caused by the so-called “Mona Lisa pandemonium.”



The chaos started at the time when the Mona Lisa was temporarily transferred to the Galerie Médicis, as the Salle des Etats, where the portrait used to hang underwent repainting. Waves of humans surged every few minutes toward the Mona Lisa, all of whom tried to make the most of the few seconds they had by taking selfies in front of Leonardo Da Vinci’s most famous painting.

Hundreds of tourists voiced exasperation when museum attendants drew back the ropes to halt the next wave of visitors who stood in line to see the famed portrait of the “La Gioconda.” The vast queue, which extended hundreds of meters had already snaked round the Louvre gallery, causing disruptions in the other areas.

As a result of the incident, Vincent Pomarede, the Louvre’s Vice Managing Director said it became evident that instituting a system requiring visitors to book a time slot online, has become essential. Initially, the timed-entry policy was seen as a means of managing the crowd upon Mona Lisa’s return to its original location in October, in time for the celebration Leonardo Da Vinci’s 500th birthday.

However, the growing Mona Lisa queue that peaks during the early afternoon has caused worries that at worst, about 30,000 people crowding in queues daily will prevent other visitors from experiencing viewing pleasure. After all, a Louvre visit for most tourists, includes seeing other treasures making up the museum’s astonishing collection of 18th to 19th century French art.

New Louvre Policy Introduces Obligatory Advance Bookings

The Louvre has made advance bookings obligatory in order to control the growing numbers of daily visitors overcrowding the gallery.

Also seen as a way of helping the struggling museum staff cope with every wave of people entering the institution, only visitors who had booked tickets online are allowed entry. As a result, many who were unaware of the new system have been turned away, in order to avoid the chaos caused by the “Mona Lisa pandemonium” from happening again.



A Louvre spokeswoman said that the reservation system applies to all general admissions. Only the museum’s 60,000-member of the Friends of the Louvre, will be exempt. Although entry remains free for visitors coming from EU member countries under 18 and under 26 years old, they still have to pre-book to get in.

Mssr. Pomarede asserts that other major museums have already made pre-booking mandatory. The Louvre management insists that the new policy

“allows a better flow of visitors and is key to a more comfortable visit”.

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You have to learn how to build rapport on a sales call if you’re in business. That’s because rapport is fundamental to the success of a sales call.

Without rapport, the person on the other end of the line is unlikely to be receptive your sales pitch. He may not even be willing to stay long enough for you to start that pitch! That makes the establishment of rapport in the early stages of a call crucial. Rapport buys you more time to talk to the customer, so to speak.

So the first goal in a sales call is to establish a powerful human connection. This can be a challenge, especially on the first call. That’s since it normally takes up to seven calls or interactions between you and your customer to establish business or to make a sale.

But there are some things you can do to build rapport with your customer faster — and as a result, make the sale quicker. Those are the things I’ll reveal to you today. When you focus on how to build rapport on a sales call, you create more trust, engagement, and influence. As you’ll see from my tips below, that’s the secret of how to build rapport on a sales call.


 1) Smile

Although your smile can’t be seen over the phone, it can definitely be heard. It lends a positive tone to your speech. Portraying a positive emotion is one of the answers to how to build rapport on a sales call. It’s accomplished by having a genuine, positive attitude. This attitude is best found by smiling.

Open your call with a smile. This will create a more welcoming atmosphere that will make the person on the other line relaxed.

2) Have a Good Opening Line

On sales calls, you have about 5 to 30 seconds to get the prospective client. He or she should be able to find value in you to want to continue the call with you beyond that. Your opening line serves as a “warm-up”. This builds value in your conversation and helps work up a reason for why the client will want to take the time to talk with you.

Delivering your warm-up is the key to having a successful call vs. getting hung up on. It’s important that you do this well.

3) Listen Actively

Listening is another for how to build rapport on a sales call. Listening allows you to find out and understand the issues and challenges the client is facing. This will give you an idea of how to approach them with a solution that your products or services offer. Observe active listening while on a sales call, in particular. Not sure how to do that? Let’s talk a little about it.


for more related articles, you can go to http://mycountrymobile.com/account.php  know more about wholesale termination. 

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France as a rule does not recognize racial differences. The country’s concept of equality for all citizens regardless of color, is evidenced by the fact that the French government and its legislators, operate under the principle of “absolute equality,” without requiring statistical data on ethnicity or race when formulating policies.

In fact, the very word “race,” which is generally perceived as a word largely associated with Nazi Germany, has been struck out of the French constitution.



Unfortunately though, an alfresco displayed in one of the panels in the building that houses France’s National Assembly had escaped attention as having artistic tones of racism. Although installed 28 years ago as part of a series of murals painted by French artist Hervé Di Rosa to depict French history, the “anti-slavery” fresco in particular is now the subject of an ongoing petition for removal and replacement.

Many visitors who find themselves passing through the halls of the National Assembly find Di Rosa’s caricature depiction of a black person humiliating and debasing.

Di Rosa painted prominent faces of two black males, both with bulging eyes, seemingly carnivorous set of teeth framed by oversized bright red lips, whilst grinning from ear to ear; to suggest that they were happy with the abolition of slavery in France.

A Campaign Calling for the Removal and Replacement of the Anti-Slavery Mural at the National Assembly Hall

One such person who found the images offensive is French filmmaker and scholar Mame-Fatou Niang.

Ms. Niang who is also an associate professor of French Studies at the Carnegie Mellon University of Pittsburgh, had her first encounter with the anti-slavery fresco in March last year. She was invited to grace the screening of her documentary on African-French women, “Mariannes Noires,” at the National Assembly Hall.



Mame-Fatou Niang who is of African descent herself said the sight of the anti-slavery fresco had “gripped her guts.” Her initial reaction was of shock, recalling that her first thoughts were

“I’m a French black person.” This mural tells me that this is how my country sees me.”

She found the image largely resembling “Sambo” of the Banania commercial ads and of the African natives in “Tintin in the Congo.” Ms. Naing considers it dehumanising and an insult to the millions of victims of slavery, and all their descendants as well,

Yet the idea to call for its removal came when she received a tweet from an African-French school girl, who felt embarrassment, pain and at the same time anger in seeing the fresco, while hearing laughter from other school children brought over to visit the National Assembly.

Together with French novelist Julien Suaudeau, Mame-Fatou Niang, put forward a petition for the removal of Di Rosa’s anti-slavery fresco at the hall outside of the National Assembly auditorium. Although currently a subject of debate, the petition gained as many as 2,500 signatories when it was first launched in April 2019.

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As the advances of the digital world continue to rise, so is the advancement of modern art. Along with that is a unique type of art and drawing people call “digital drawing”.

Unlike the traditional drawings in the use of pen and paper, digital drawing is a whole lot new thing. Paper is virtually always accessible and offers simplicity. I mean we get that- pen on paper has been the traditional medium budding artists are taught from the beginning, making it easy to generate ideas freely and naturally. 

Despite this, most companies continue to invest in digital drawing. Which is why they continue to welcome and embrace mobile app development into this advance world.

Top Benefits of Digital Drawing

Digital will never be a paper killer, but hardware and apps leveraging the latest technology advances are closing the gap with undeniable benefits in accessibility, efficiency, and artistry. Still, it is art that is widened, modernized and making it more unique to a whole digitalized level. This is the new age for art!

Access an unlimited toolkit anywhere

s to turn raWe almost always have our phones with us. No matter where we are, we now have an unlimited toolkit of apps and services inspiration into usable assets, such as color themes, shapes, brushes and patterns. 

With the easy access of these apps, it has become more efficient to draw wherever you are, with that, you won’t be needing much of pen and paper to start.

Use of New Medium

With the rapid development of innovative pens and digital apps and improved hardware, artists are empowered to create a new medium of digital art where natural media can be realistically simulated, including watercolor, pastels and the aesthetic of oils on canvas — all on a single mobile device.

The Future is Digital Drawing

As mobile development for art and drawing continue to expand capabilities and evolve to better emulate the paper experience, more designers will adopt digital as a larger part of the creative process. With that, art has become inevitable to change thus making it as the future of digital art and drawing.

As technology advances, digital also will enable new forms of expressive painting, such as the ability to paint different lighting environments or apply 3D textures for paint. But that is just the start of its endearing future, for sure there will be more to come. 


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Archaeological Site in Angouleme, France Yields Prehistoric Stone Art

Archaeological excavations in Angouleme, France recently yielded another example of prehistoric art engraved in stone by hunter-gatherers of the prehistoric Azilian custom. This newest discovery is said to date back around 14,000 years ago.

The Angouleme finds include a number of sandstones engraved with depiction of horses, deer, and aurochs, species of a now extinct wild cattle. These most recent archaeological finds are similar to previous stone artifacts that had been diagnosed as belonging to the Azilian industry, such as the microliths, flat bone harpoons, and painted pebbles.

Microliths refer to the small flint stone tools used as spear points or arrow heads. After all, the area where the engraved sandstones were found was a known hunting site of the prehistoric Azilian culture. Aside from the engraved stones, archaeologists also found at the site, sharpened stone tools used for stripping carcasses.

Among the Angouleme archaeological finds, the stone art regarded as having the most visible etching is the one that the French National Institute of Preventative Archaeological Researchers (INRAP) describes as showing a headless horse. The headless horse image was engraved to occupy half of the surface, with the horse rump and saddle following the natural curves along the edge of the stone. Fine incisions made on the etched drawings are suggestive of the texture of the horse’s body covering or coat.

France has always been an important digging site for archaeologists, because the country has a scattering of geographical locations in which European Early Modern Human (EEMH) or the anatomically modern humans, a.k.a. Cro-Magnons, had inhabited during the Upper Paleolithic period about 48,000 to 15,000 years ago.

Other Recent Stone Arts Unearthed in French Archaeological Sites

In 2017, New York University anthropologists were involved in the study of a group of early humans belonging to the ancient Aurignacian culture that existed around 43,000 to 33,000 prehistoric years ago.



In the course of their digging at the Abri Blanchard site in Vézère Valley in France, they unearthed a 38,000-year-old stone slab engraved with an image of the now extinct wild cow auroch. This particular stone art discovery has been touted as one of the earliest artworks made by the EEMH inhabitants of Europe.

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Do you have to go to the tanning salon to prevent sunburn when planning to go out under the sun?

There is very little proof to back up the concept that tanning helps to protect you from sunburn caused by the UV rays of the sun. People who are tanning indoors is not a guarantee of protection against sunburn. It is always best to go for a good sunscreen. If you want to achieve that bronze color without too much exposure to the sun or tanning beds, you can go for Rio Tan, these tanning tablets did work for me.

Sun lamp or natural tanning provides modest protection to people who like to tan. However, the protection it provides is not as close to using sunscreens. The bigger problem is that changes in skin color after tanning are a sign of ultraviolet (UV) radiation damage. Repeated exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet light from a tanning bed increases the risk of premature aging and skin cancer.

Teen Sunburn Is A Special Issue To Watch Out For

The faster you start tanning, the longer your skin is damaged, the greater the risk of skin cancer. Therefore, adolescents tanned for several hours outside or in a tanning booth have long been concerned. Because of these concerns, many states have passed recent bans or restrictions, requiring parents to agree to use a teen solarium. There were only these restrictions in five states in 2009, but there were such restrictions in 42 states in 2015. It is effective. According to a recent study of 15,000 American high school students, indoor tanning dropped by nearly 16% in 2009 and more than 7% in 2015. However, this is still at risk for many children-about a million people in the United States-unnecessary risks.

To protect against sunburn and various other skin discomforts caused by the sun, make use of the following methods.

  • Avoid sunshine between 10 am and 4 pm. Sun rays are at its strongest at these times.
  • Conceal your skin. Wear clothes constructed for protection from the sun. Wide hats and sunglasses will help.
  • Use sunscreen frequently. Use a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 15 or higher.
  • Use sunscreen for 15 to 30 minutes prior to going out. If you swim or sweat, re-apply each and every two hours.

Some patients have medical symptoms that may need some exposure to ultraviolet light in the summer or before sunny vacations, thus preventing redness. Please consult your doctor prior to doing this process.

What Sunburn Is, And How It Increases The Risk Of Skin Cancer

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Technology has become an elemental and imperative aspect of human life. For instance, businesses use phone systems such as sip trunking to be able to send and receive calls through the internet. In the educational field, technologies particularly computers, laptops, the Internet and the Web are utilized by learners to do research or accomplish schoolwork and projects, while educators use them to aid in expediting the process of learning for students since in many certain ways, it establishes a more effectual and conducive learning atmosphere.

Human society is incessantly progressing and technology is part of that development. And concerning the improvements of our children’s education, the integration of technology in the learning process is an evolutionary occurrence that we need to fathom if we are carrying on to evolve as the human race. The usage of technology is a total change on how we edify and impart knowledge, awareness and understanding to learners.


In terms of art education, how are art teachers these days making use of the computer technology in the learning space as well as its role it should fulfill in art education?

Art Becomes Interactive

With the constant developments made to technology, a lot have changed and transformed. Because of these innovations, interactivity is now achievable which permits for immersion and engagement into creative environs. The pluses of integrating and incorporating technology into arts education are great.

Technology permits learners for exploration and experimentation which promotes and fosters amazing imagination. Since digital media lets learners have that 3-D experience and is so interactive, it directs to a good grasp of structure. Structure is a groundwork of art and music. When utilizing technology, the probabilities are limitless for young learners to understand the arts.

Learning The Arts Is Empowering

Technology grants empowerment as it acts in response to the each decision of its user. Example in a video game, when you make a choice or a decision, the virtual realm responds to them. An entirely new dimension is added in the learning and the lives of these young children. With these evolutions in technology, they are now growing up in an incredibly diverse world. Therefore, technology is something they can relate to and would be a great tool in effecting learning of the arts.

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Aside from being the country in which the first Cro Magnon or European Early Modern Human (EEMH) was found, France is also the country where the first major paleolithic cave paintings were discovered.

Remains of European Early Modern Humans or EEMH, the term preferred by contemporary researchers in referring to anatomically modern homo sapiens, were discovered in 1868 in Les Eyzies-de-Tayac, a town in the Dordogne region of France.

Studies of the ancient skeletons showed that the Les Eyzies EEMH had robust builds, and stood about 5 feet 5 inches, to 5 feet 7 inches tall. They had brain capacity of 100 cubic-inch, regarded as larger than that of average modern humans.


As evidenced by the nearby prehistoric caves discovered in the Dordogne region, the EEMH species were settled people, who dwelt year-round in shallow and deep caves. Caverns in which those homo sapiens lived, displayed hundred of paintings, which indicated that even during prehistoric times, humans were already artistically inclined.

The most famous of those caverns are located in the the Dordogne and Ardeche regions. As a result of those prehistoric finds, the town of Les Eyzies became home to the French National Museum of Prehistory.

Both the Dordogne and Ardeche Caves were declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

France Created Replicas of the Cave to Preserve the Prehistoric Cave Paintings

The Lascaux Cave – Dordogne Region

The Lascaux Cave was discovered in September 12, 1940 by an 18-year old lad named Marcel Ravidat, when his dog fell in a hole. On July 14, 1948 the public was allowed to view the cave paintings, attracting as many as 1,200 visitors per day. However, the constant flow of visitors brought in huge amounts of carbon dioxide, humidity, heat and other contaminants that caused damage to the prehistoric cave paintings.

In 1963, French authorities ordered the closure of the Lascaux Caves, and the restoration of the damaged paintings to their original state; whilst introducing a system of monitoring their condition on a daily basis.

Materials believed to be the same as the charcoal, iron oxide and ochre used by the cave dwellers 19,000 years ago, were used in duplicating the ancient cave art, whilst using advanced 3D laser scanning and casting technologies.

In order to present the paintings for public viewing, without damaging the restored original, replica Lascaux Caves were built to display duplicates of a full range of cave paintings.

The Grotte Chauvet Cave- Ardeche Region

The world’s most extensive collection of prehistoric cave paintings were discovered in 1994 by 3 spelunkers who ventured to explore the cliffs of the Ardèche region. Even more amazing is that the cave paintings were well-preserved despite being older than those in the Lascaux Caves. The preservation is largely attributed to the dry climate of Ardèche.

The Ardeche prehistoric cave was named The Grotte Chauvet, after Jean-Marie Chauvet, leader of the explorers who discovered the cavern.

Hundreds of paintings as well as engravings, ranging from multiple handprints, geometrically arranged red dots, and animal images adorn the wall of the Chauvet Cave. What researchers found as interesting is that majority of the 420 or more animal representations were images of lions, bears and rhinoceroses, which obviously are predators rather than prey.

In the same year the Chauvet Cave discovered, it was sealed off. for public viewing. This time, an important lesson was learned. Like the Lascaux Cave, an imitation cavern called the Pont-d’Arc Cavern was created to serve as alternative viewing site, also displaying duplications of the originàl paintings imprinted on the walls of the Chauvet Cave.

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We are currently living in a digital age where most people rely on their electronic devices primarily because it makes our lives easier. If you take a look around you, all people have mobile devices. Mobile applications play a major role in making our tasks easier and faster. Years ago, it was struggling of compatibility because usually mobile application only work in one operating system. Fortunately hybrid apps were developed wherein the same app can be deployed in various operatins systems like Android, iOS, Windows, and even in various browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, IE, Safari, etc. Given this, mobile app became more popular.

Because of hybrid apps, more and more people benefit from it. There are studies that shows that mobile app helps in making student’s homework and tasks efficient. Apps like facebook messenger, google drive and many more allows students to conduct group meetings and finish task even at home.

However, if you think that making an app is that difficult, you are wrong. IONIC is the Best Platform for Mobile Hybrid App Development. For a responsive mobile and web-based app development, developers also use the Rapid Application Development model.

Learning and gaining knowledge is a continuous process and nowadays the approach has been changing to elearning where students and teachers maximize the use of technology. Thus, students can learn at their ace and take their time at understanding things, as everything is accessible and one click away.

Below are the Benefits of Using Mobile in Education

  1. New and Efficient Learning Methods
  2. Enhanced Parent Teacher Communication
  3. Ebooks and Online Study
  4. Miscellaneous Functions
  5. Lessens Communication Gap Between Students and the Institution

It can now be said that students have taken up new ways of learning by using mobile applications. A lot of mobile applications solves up student problems and promote learning. Mobile applications are the future of the education sector, leading towards its development.

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When planning to visit France to be at the scene during the 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival, be in the know that there are other important places to be when in Cannes. Although the city is very much associated with the rich and famous who normally take spring breaks in the French Riviera, it is also a destination where non-famous and not-so-moneyed visitors find attractive for a number of reasons.

What It’s Like to Be in Cannes During the Film Festival

Still, just by being in the city during the film festival, anytime between May 14 and 25 this year, will be electrifying. Excitement always fills the air, especially at La Croisette. Here, blocks of high end boutiques, restaurants, apartments, hotels and villas are quite busy with the arrival of jet setters and celebrities from all over the world.


Those who really fancy star-spotting or gazing can also venture to be in Mougins, at some modest 2-Michelin restaurant. Discover that this is the spot where some well known movie stars prefer to go for rustic and provencal dining experience.

The only setback in visiting Cannes during the festival is that beach water is still too cold for comfort. Nonetheless, those who do not mind the temperature stay in the beach to watch some classic Cannes films being shown in al fresco big screens. Besides, with most of the locals preferring to lineup at the top of the La Croisette boulevard, to gawk at famous personalities arriving at the Palais des Festivals, the beachfront will practically be exclusive to Cannes visitors.

Other Places to be at When in Cannes

La Croix-des-Gardes – Cannes is more than just promenades, boulevards and beaches. Know that there is a vast area of lush greenery alive with vibrant French springtime blooms. The historical La Croix-des-Gardes, France’s national park, tells of a tale about a member of the English parliament named Lord Brougham, who made this particular area his home; whilst attracting other aristocrats to do the same.


Island of Saint-Honorat – A group of four islands known as the Lérins Islands can be reached via a short ferry ride. The most famous of the four, is Saint-Honorat, another historical spot where visitors can wander around an old abbey. Here, monks still keep the traditional vow of silence, and harvest grapes to produce wines as previous monks in the island have done so for centuries.


French Cooking Classes – French cuisine is quite popular just about anywhere, take a short drive to some small town in the outskirts of the city to take up short-cooking courses. Learn to cook with via French culinary schools that run a variety of cooking courses.

As an aside, Cannes has several museum and art galleries. If modern art is of particular interest, the Malmaison is the place to be, as the gallery is full of new wave art exhibits.

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Though your refrigerator is active for keeping food cool and fresh, it may begin to show some wear and tear. Regularly cleaning is a must.  With no regular maintenance, food, and stains residue may build up on the exterior surfaces or the interior drawers and shelves, while abandoned perishables from the trunk can give off amazing smells every single time you open the doorway. Click here to learn more about refrigerators you can use for your apartment.

Getting Rid of Unpleasant Smell

To keep your refrigerator in good shape and ward off an unpleasant smell, use these suggestions for the ideal method to clean a fridge inside and outside. Collect a couple of organic cleaning components and ordinary household objects, like baking soda, dish soap, and dry fabrics. Move your meals into you are all set to attack the job of cleaning a fridge and a cooler.

Wash the Racks

Eliminate and hand-wash cable racks detachable refrigerator shelves, and drawers in dish soap and water. Permit any glass parts warm before bringing them in contact with water that is warm they may crack. Cover stubborn food clogs using a warm, moist cloth for a couple of minutes to soften the clogs before elimination using a nonabrasive scrubber. Pay attention to the base of cable racks.

Clean the Surfaces Inside & Outside

For shelves and drawers, you can not eliminate, alongside the surfaces of the inner compartment, catch baking soda plus a few glasses of water. Clean inside your refrigerator with a mix of 1 tablespoon. Beware of cleansers as their odor may move to food. Work to stop slips from landing already-clean surfaces. Use a toothbrush designated for toothpicks or cleanup to reach crevices and cracks that you can not get to use a piece of cloth, like components and hinges.


As soon as you’ve dried and uninstalled surfaces, deodorize your fridge by leaving it to the plate and then filling an open container. This will absorb some scents from lingering close to your meals, once you refill your refrigerator so keep it.Place back everything As soon as your fridge is clean and deodorized. Any spoiled food, group together or expired, and contemplate using containers and bins to corral items.

Throw Out Expired Food

A few straightforward steps can keep your fridge looking and smelling new for a long time. To stop spills, prevent substituting the refrigerator with fruits and veggies or food containers. Instantly throw anything that is expired or of suspicious freshness. Use baking soda and water to wash off cans, bottles, or any jars with lids or drips. Ensure that you use fabrics and everything dries completely. To make this task more easy refrigerator things as you use them.

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