Art And Culture For Children, Parenting Education Is Crucial

90 percent of mothers and fathers consider cultural activities to be important for the development of children. But not all parents have the courage to encourage this.

The Role of Arts & Culture in an Open Society

A third of parents do not trust themselves to be able to support their own children well in the artistic or musical field. This is according to the study conducted by the Allensbach Institute in partnership with the Council for Cultural Education, which is available to the German Press Agency in Berlin.

The educational background is decisive. Every second person with a simple degree does not dare to give their children good cultural support. It was one in five among academics. 47 percent of parents say that their child has participated in an art, music, dance, or theater activity outside of school or kindergarten in the past 12 months. For parents with a university degree, it is 59 percent – for parents with a basic educational qualification, however, only 37 percent.

The head of the Council for Cultural Education, Eckart Liebau, regretted that children from poorly educated families received less support at home. In many cases, financial reasons played a role. “That is not a good testimony to the education and family policy of our society .”

83 percent of mothers and fathers who play an instrument at least once a month also make music with their children. If, on the other hand, the parents do not play an instrument at all, only a good quarter of the children are musically active.

Single parents usually assess the situation in their family differently than families with two parents: they express less interest in culture than other parents and find basic knowledge in the field of culture less important. They also show a significantly lower interest in their children taking part in guided offers in the fields of art, music, dance, and theater.

Liebau sees the state and society are challenged. The preschool cultural education must be massively expanded, demanded the head of the advisory committee. The loss of lessons in artistic subjects must be stopped nationwide. Child benefit and the education and participation package would have to be changed in such a way that they actually reach those children who receive little support from their families.

Parents should encourage their children to show interest in the arts and culture. If your child in their early years shows skills and talents, parents should provide proper support. A simple gesture as providing educational toys to enhance their creativity can help a lot. Looking for educational toys 5 month old babies? Check out playtime at Medium.