Art: More than making music and painting

Did you know that art and music lessons are marginalized or seen only as an artistic practice?

Of course, teaching music, art, and theater includes artistic practice. But more importantly, students learn to reflect on art and the relationship between art and the world around it.

What role can the artistic subjects play in this?

Art lessons can strengthen the self-confidence of the individual. In subjects such as art, music, and theater, students can learn how to argue and what criteria are for an assessment. Because they are constantly forced to question and justify their own position, over time they gain certainty about their own abilities and their own judgment. Allowing them to play good toys 5 month old babies can improve their artistic abilities.

What is good artistic teaching?

Teachers should offer pupils opportunities to engage with art. One should ask oneself what young people need for their own life in order to find their way in their world as adults. Teachers should teach young people what public cultural maintenance means. Regardless of whether someone goes to a concert or a museum later, everyone should know what is being done in these cultural institutions.

What problems do artistic teachers face?

Often art, music, and theater are not seen as fully-fledged subjects by colleagues and parents. That is exhausting. In addition, there is an unbelievable overload, also in social terms. Music, for example, is often taught with only one hour a week. If you as a teacher are only assigned to music and no longer in your second subject due to the lack of specialist teachers, you will see hundreds of students a week. And everyone should be encouraged individually – how should that work?

How would you like to improve the situation of artistic subjects?

It is about creating public awareness of the function of the art subjects. You have to show what it means for society if one orientates one’s education system towards usefulness and no longer towards the responsible citizen. It is simply not enough to simply bring in the workforce that can be flexibly adapted to the labor market in one’s schools.