Caring for Older Adults Who are Bedridden

Where comes a time when someone we love becomes sick and has no option but to stay in bed. Some may just be recuperating but for others they can be bedridden because of a condition.
This is the time they need us most. People who are bedridden lose their independence. They will need our help with their daily activities.
This article will educate us on how to care for our love ones who are bedridden. This article aims to teach us the basics in caring for patients who are bound in their beds.

How to take care of a bedridden patient at home

  • The care we give to these kinds of patients involves the daily care we need to provide for them such as hygiene.Hygiene is a very important aspect in caring for bedridden patients. They become dependable with daily activities. This are simple activities such as taking a bath, dental care and grooming. We need to ensure that they get all these. Good hygiene will prevent parasites such as lice, bedbugs and body odor. Hygiene is also important because it will boost the patient’s self esteem and dignity.
  • Good nutrition is also another important aspect to consider. We always have to work closely with their doctors to ensure that we are providing them with the proper care. As their care giver we should learn to record their eating habits. It helps us keep track of their food intake. This is important in case they experience food reactions and other similar problems. Older adults have different conditions that requires a specific diet. When caring for them it is vital to know what foods they should and should not eat. Keep water and other natural juices available all throughout the day.
  • As their caregivers we should make sure that they are comfortable and happy at all times. It would be nice to provide them with a television with a remote or a radio. Books and other magazines will also keep them entertained.
  • Ensure that there is proper ventilation in their room. Good airflow inside their room is important. It helps them breath properly and make them feel fresh and comfortable.
  • Make sure that their beddings are regularly change. Clean sheets also make them sleep well.
  • When older adults are only confined to their beds they have the risk of getting bed sores or pressure sores. We should always prevent this to happen. We should learn to reposition them every few hours. When left untreated bedsores can lead to a more serious condition and complications. Repositioning bedridden patients can be difficult without the proper device. Invest in an adjustable bed. Click this link to know more of its benefits to patients who are bedridden: