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What is the Trecento in art?

The term “trecento” known also as Italian for “three hundred” is the abbreviation for “milletrecento” and describes the 14th century. You may check Youtube downloader to know more about Trecento. Since the Trecento coincides with this art epoch in Italy, the term is often used synonymously in art for all of the art of the […]

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Greek art: An introduction

Did you know that ancient Greek art did not originate from a single national territory? Greek art includes all artifacts from the former settlement areas of the Greeks: from the Greek mainland, from the Aegean Islands, from western Asia Minor, from southern Italy, Sicily, France, Spain, North Africa, Palestine, and from the Black Sea area. […]

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The Art of Lifting Weights

Lifting weights can be a complicated yet fun game. It also has a lot of physical and mental benefits. Not only that, but there are also plenty of studies showing that weight lifting does a great job of boosting one’s creativity. This explains why this type of exercise is being offered in your kids’ education.  […]

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Art: More than making music and painting

Did you know that art and music lessons are marginalized or seen only as an artistic practice? Of course, teaching music, art, and theater includes artistic practice. But more importantly, students learn to reflect on art and the relationship between art and the world around it. What role can the artistic subjects play in this? […]

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