Electric Scooters On College Campuses

Universities are under huge stress. It is not because of politician finding ways to cut budgets on education or talk shows trying to present broadsides.

The issue is a two-wheeled device called electric scooters (check out Dublin electric scooters) which are manufactured by technology companies such as the Bird and the Lime. These scooters have taken the country’s cities by storm and this includes college campuses.

Electric Scooters Are Spreading To San Diego College Campuses

Managing just one is straightforward. Just download the application to your smartphone and it makes it easy to unlock the scooter and just ride on. This technology has taken the interest of many young people who were accustomed to a nontraditional way of transporting.

A student in New Mexico State University (name withheld) said that these scooters are likable as it saves them time to get from one campus to the other, plus it saves them from expensive parking tickets. While New Mexico is often left behind the contemporary developments of the society, the introduction of these electric scooters make it feel modern said the young college student.

Specific Campus Issues And Management (Relating To Electric Scooters)

However, this new development is facing a bumpy ride. And the issue is more on the discipline side of the students where scooters were not returned to specific spots and tends to end up in unlikely places. Michigan State University actually impounded around a hundred scooters because these devices had been causing traffic in a few places within the campus.

Students leave them on the streets and in parking lots. Therefore, College campuses began making a list of rules to control the scooters, including specified places that students ought to park their devices.

Although handling them needs a reasonable period of time and work, the scooters are capable of doing good for the colleges. They aid students with transportation while possibly decreasing the cars within the school campus.

Guidelines On The Use Of Electric Scooters Within Campus

Without having rules for the use of electric scooters, it may cause problems for campus authorities. As there are many scooter-related accidents recorded, many universities have included having any safety measures when using the devices.

“Users of scooters share streets with fast-moving vehicles however these riders seem to take hazards for granted.” the report states. It had been observed that riders do not use helmet which can be dangerous for any riders of this type of devices.