Essential Art Materials You Need

Justifying the cost of expensive art materials can be too difficult. This is true especially if you don’t know where you’ll get your next paycheck and you’re facing the fact that your business is on a shoestring budget. But for real artists, there’s this fine line between saving yourself time and frustration from saving money on discounted materials.

Insights to Become a Better Artist

Few successful artists have shared their insights to become more effective with their roles and here are what we have learned.

It is not in the Art Materials. It’s Always in the Technique

If you ask any artist you know, a dominating message you’ll hear from them is that good technique is key in this field. In analogy, wearing a pair of Air Jordan will not instantly make you a basketball legend. Working using the best tools and equipment will not immediately show the innate artists in you. It will take time and practice to hone that skill.

As per artist Kelli Folsom…

“Don’t overcompensate with equipment. Start small and choose what works for you”

Use Appropriate Tools for Task at Hand

There are over 50 percent of technical support emails and calls received by various art companies that are more on the artists getting the material to work in a way that they are not designed to do. This is the reason why you’re seeing an increasing number of products being manufactured that also educate users on the right way of using the material.

Nothing is more relevant to the phrase “practice makes perfect” especially among artists. With the majority of the mediums, there’s more than one tool or material involved in the entire process. You have to accept the fact that trial and error is the sole way of determining what combination will work best for you.

Cheap Materials don’t mean that You Save Money

Cheap and low-quality clays might not be able to hold its plasticity or even show vibrancy. While better and higher quality paint may be costly, it has more endurance and deeper tint which means that you need to use lesser paint to achieve the same results. Ask anyone who has tried using cheap canvas, they will all tell you how it is such a waste of money and time to buy the said material and develop texture.

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