Feel Like a Pro Photographer with just Your Smartphone

Long before smartphones have intercepted the market, taking exceptionally stunning photos was actually a labor and time-consuming process. You have to invest in fancy cameras along with photo editing software for your computer. Not to mention, devote your energy and time in learning how to use them.

But with the age of mobile devices and thousands of editing apps that come with it too, it has been easier to snap professional-like photos and edit them even on the go, all from one device we use to make phone calls and web browsing.

Would you like to turn your shots as if it was taken from a DSLR camera? Well if that’s the case, I highly recommend that you read the tips discussed in the next lines. You’ll probably learn a lot of things to step-up your mobile photography.

Gridlines for Attaining Balance in Your Shot

A simple yet considered to be the best way of improving your mobile shots is by turning on the gridlines of your camera. On your smartphone’s screen, there’s this series of lines based on rule of thirds. This is basically photographic composition principle stating that the image must be broken down into thirds, vertically and horizontally.

In theory, if you place the points of interests along the lines or in the intersections, it creates a more leveled and balanced photos, thus allowing viewers to naturally interact with it.

Setting the Focus of Your Subject and Camera

We know how hard it is to focus on a moving object. But tapping the screen of your phone’s camera will let it focus before you take a snap. Depending on your device, there’s going to be a circular or square icon that’ll appear on the camera screen, which shifts the focus of your shot to all the content inside that icon.

Also, when focusing, it is strongly advised to focus on a single subject only. You may use filters as well as apps in order to make the subject look more vivid or crop it to the frame. As per the saturation, contrast and brightness of the photo, it can be adjusted accordingly straight from your device.

However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to do any of this if you have a broken screen. With that, seek for fast iPhone screen repair and enjoy taking exceptional, professional-like shots.