Finding The Best School For Expats in Saudi Arabia

Women in school

Life as an ex-pat in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s capital city, can develop as a culture shock to a. While the total quality of life is fantastic, a few aspects are extremely different from other areas of the earth. Gender segregation is going to be a part and parcel of the daily life, and you’ll mostly reside from the bubble of the ‘chemical’ along with other ex-pats.

Saudi Arabian schools instruct only through Arabic and don’t acknowledge non-citizens. Therefore, a global college might be the only sensible solution for teaching your child in Riyadh. Before beginning your search, here are a few important things to be aware of.

The vast majority of international schools in Riyadh instruct pupils through English and stick to the American school program and program. You’ll see a massive choice of schools offering the International Baccalaureate and the British program too, and also a smaller variety offering Muslim, Indian, Australian, and French curricula.

Riyadh’s global schools vary in size, with a few colleges registering a couple of hundred students and some registering a few million. In most cases, however, real class sizes are rather small – it is rare to discover a college with over 25 pupils per course. This usually means a more hands-on education environment for the youngster, and more chances for them to participate with pupils and teachers in a purposeful way.


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The working week in Saudia Arabia is from Sunday – Thursday, with Friday and Saturday as the weekend. Schools follow this program also. Generally, foreign schools in Saudi Arabia follow the federal school calendar, which will be two terms annually with a brief winter break and a summer break. Many colleges are currently embracing the common three-term school calendar nonetheless, while still celebrating the Saudi Arabian federal holidays.

Religion, or Islam to become particular, is a significant part of life in Saudi Arabia. Through the holy month of Ramadan, people who practice Islam quickly from dawn to sunset. There are a number of different limitations to ordinary everyday life also, for example, school day. Some colleges may change the start and finish time, of course, to consider of Ramadan.

International schools aren’t segregated for example their public counterparts, and the big diplomatic community in Riyadh, there’s frequently an extremely diverse student population. Actually some schools are in fact dominated by embassies. There’s a drawback to them; they have a tendency to offer preferential admissions to kids of their embassy’s nationality, which may make it hard for other people to acquire a location.

In terms of fees, the breakdown is like international universities worldwide. Along with tuition and enrollment, you’ll be expected to pay the costs of school uniforms, extracurricular activities, and some other optional extras. Do not forget to get your software in as soon as you can, because waiting lists are very long and global colleges are in high demand!

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