France Struggles Anew with Testing Amidst Fears of a “Second Wave”

The government of France distributed free test vouchers to have the 1.5 million residents in the city of Paris tested for the COVID-19 disease.

Yet the long queues outside Paris labs indicate lack of organization in getting coronavirus testing done. The government’s testing campaign was apparently ill-planned because Parisians received the vouchers at a time when numerous testing labs closed down for a much needed vacation. As a result, concentrations of people are lining up across a scattering of laboratories that remained open.

Currently, France is once again seeing more than 1,000 new positive cases per day because according to health experts, the virus did not disappear at all. Transmissions continue and contamination is being amplified in some of France’s regions, as many who have not been tested are unaware they are spreading the contagion.

Over the past five weeks, the country’s leading hospitals are still swamped positive cases coming from the first wave, while the number of patients being treated in intensive care units is likewise seeing an increase for the first time months.


France’s Top Pathologist Expressed Annoyance Over Government’s Lack of Strategy

Pathology expert François Blanchecotte PhD, and president of the Union of Medical Biologists who has been at the forefront of the country’s testing efforts, expressed annoyance with how the government has bungled up anew with its testing initiatives. Mssr. Blanchecotte asserts that the government has to adopt a testing strategy by tackling testing initiatives with a more targeted approach, instead of implementing a blanket policy to address the country’s testing problem.

He argues that organizing tests should target locations where most of the young people congregate, such as tourist spots and beach resorts. Also, the program should have taken into account the capacities of test labs, where it takes more than a week for people to get an appointment for testing, and take time as well, before results are released.

The country is still struggling with the same problem; that is why health experts are foreseeing a second wave of the pandemic taking place by autumn or winter.