Giving Gifts and the Art in It

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Gift giving has been part of your life for many years now and you must admit that buying gifts for someone and even receiving gifts feel exciting because gifts can be a wonderful thing that builds and establish memories and a strong relationship. Sometimes, if you feel like giving a gift that is extra special, you tend to become creative when it comes to thinking of what to give. Customizing a gift can be a great way of making someone feel special since you put a lot of effort in it. And that’s the beauty and art of gift giving.

When you give a present, do you expect something in return? Are you giving these roses because you want forgiveness? Are you giving this box of chocolates because you want sex or intimate moment is a hidden agenda? Are you giving this iPad because you want a gift of equal value in return? Are you giving baby gift baskets toronto to your neighbor’s baby because you need something from them? If the answer is yes, you’ve left the real essence of gift giving and entered the realm of economic exchange and it cannot be qualify as a gift giving since a present does not carry any obligations with it. A present should always not put the receiver in a position wherein he/she should give you gifts as well in return. It doesn’t make the receiver feel like they owe you anything and it shouldn’t be given with the thought of “I’m giving this because I expect something in return.”

Give gifts because you really care about a person not because you feel obliged to and you want the other person to feel obliged in return.

A gift must also be something that the other person wants. You cannot force your preference on you loved one because chances are, he/she will not be feeling special. The secret to that is paying attention to what they say especially when they are describing a problem they are facing or something they wish they could do. Now think of gifts that will help your partner solve that problem.

The bottom line of all these is that you should give because you want to give and make it meaningful by buying something that is associated with a good memory.