Giving Your Creative Mind a Boost by Playing Video Games

As for someone who likes to boost their creativity, they can benefit a lot from playing certain kinds of video games. This is as per the study that was discovered by the Iowa State University. Researchers of the study used the game “Minecraft” as its main subject for the experiment. The entire basis of the game is to create structures and new worlds among its players.

Researchers later found out that players were able to have improved creativity after constantly playing the game. Though, there was an exception which is an indicative that not all the game play remains the same.

Oh! Minecraft!            

Minecraft is encouraging the creative minds of individuals by playing in essentially blank canvas to which any number of structures including the complicated ones could be built and brought to life.

Playing the game was discovered to help increase the ability of participants to think creatively. This is with the exception that participants who were instructed to play the game creatively generate lower score than those who were just playing the game for the fun of it.

On the other hand, the improvement of creativity is not limited to Minecraft. It can also be associated to other video games that are encouraging high level of creativity towards its players. As a matter of fact, if you try to play some games from Unblocked Games 66, you will be overwhelmed with the sheer number of games to try and play. Researchers pointed out that there are a lot of video games that include at least minor elements that require creativity similar to encouraging players in customizing their character, though there are games that are requiring deeper and in-depth creative thoughts to complete.

Douglas Gentile, an Iowa State University Professor of Psychology explained that it is not only Minecraft that can induce creativity.

But Why?

Still, it is unclear why the participants who were told to become as creative as they can be in the game had less creativity afterwards. Jorge Blanco-Herrera, which was the lead author of the study, said that players might have been limited by their actions in the game for trying to become creative.