Help Tutorials And Instructional Videos For Education And Learning

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Advantages of Video Tutorials for Education and Learning

Tutorials, such as the Help Tutorials, are very useful tools to facilitate learning. In terms of education, video tutorials or instructional videos, whether live or recorded, are imperative to students as they supplement and provide a different element of learning making the learning and educational experience of the students much more effective. This is particularly true with the influence of technology and the digital world today. Instructional videos are powerful tools for learning that students could maximize as it greatly contributes to learning and offer and allow various learning perspectives.

Numerous researches and reports propose that video tutorials have helped in enhancing the retention of learners, regardless of age. Moreover, they appeal to a much broader scope of audience considerably removing barriers of time and location. Let’s have a look at the various advantages of video tutorials:

  • INTERACTIVE. One of the key reasons as to why video tutorials are excellent learning tools is because of its interactive nature. Learning becomes more interactive and engaging unlike printed learning tools. Innumerable subject matters that are mentally exhausting to remember and understand are made simple. Moreover, visual learning improves memory and retention making their response rate stronger, bigger and faster.
  • ACCESSIBILITY. Provided that you have a good connection to the internet, you could access thousands to millions of video tutorials on different topics all available on the world wide web. Moreover, you could conveniently access these videos trough your mobile devises such as your handy smartphone, tablets, or laptops allowing you to watch the videos tutorials anytime and anywhere.
  • LEARNING BECOMES MORE EFFECTIVE. With video tutorials, learning becomes much more effective since concepts and ideas are explained with proper visuals. For instance, teaching the different systems of the body becomes more interesting compared to simply looking at and reading the books and listening to the explanation of the teacher wherein students rely on their imagination to be able to grasp the concepts.
  • REPETITION. Video tutorials allows students to pause, forward and rewind the video, not once but many times as needed. This allows the learner to recall and master the concepts taught.