Is Summer Still the Best to Time to Visit France?

When planning to visit France in summertime (June to August), your decision to do so may be influenced by the dreaded heat wave, or canicule (kah-nee-kul) that has been hitting the country in recent years. Instances of temperatures rising from 36 C up to 40 C could practically ruin one’s visit.

Moreover, bringing along children and elderly members to France during that time of the year could put them at risk. They are the most vulnerable to the threats posed by the overly intense temperature, enveloping not only France, but also neighboring European countries.

Last year’s summer was the second hottest heat wave occurrence in the history of France, and had claimed more than a thousand lives among France’s elderly population.

Where to Stay in France During Summer

Still, if June to August present the best time for you and your family to visit France, you can beat the heat by avoiding crowded areas and places without air conditioners. Ever since summer time heat waves became an annual occurrence in France, participants in the country’s tourism industry had to make certain adjustments.

Airlines make more affordable and enticing offers in order to attract tourists. Hotels and hostels were forced to install air conditioning units and add electric fans. After all, they were getting stiff competition from rentable French homes, offering not only air conditioned spaces and better privacy, but also swimming pools that they can use exclusively.

France actually ranks second, next to the U.S., as country with the most number of homes installed with a swimming pool. Above-ground pools are the most popular because they cost less. Also, French authorities do not require approved building permits like those required for inground pool installations. Since it has become an important feature, property owners have their above ground pools outfitted with the best above ground pool ladder as far as safety attributes are concerned.


That is because there is such a law known as “premise liability.’ It gives persons getting injured due to faulty house installations to claim financial and medical compensation from the owner of the house. That is regardless of whether the injured person is a renter or a visitor of the home.

Best Places to Visit in France During Summer

Savvy summer time visitors to France pay heed to travel tips by escaping the crowded cities by taking short trips to nearby rural areas. Some head west, toward the Plage de Sainte-Croix (Sainte-Croix Beach) or the Plage du Verdon (du Verdon Beach), where Mediterranean waters gently kiss the sandy shores.

Those who prefer historical sites to beaches, can enjoy cool strolls in the woods of Compiègne. where the Armistice of 1918 and later, the Armistice of 1940 were signed. In this commune and during the Hundred Years War, the Burgundians caught Joan of Arc, who was that time attempting to liberate Compiègne.

Another cooler place to be when in France during the summer is in the city of Besancon, located along the edge of the Jura mountains. Taking a two and a half hour train ride from Paris, brings visitors to what is considered a most important place for encountering France’s natural beauty, captivating artworks and sobering history.

Victor Hugo for one was born in Besancon, the city that is also home to the 17th century Besancon Citadel, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the Museum of the Resistance and the Deportation. They àlso have the chance to view the admirable works of famous French painters like Goya, Matisse, Picasso, Tintoretto, and Titian, just to name a few, on exhibit at Besancon Museum of Fine Arts and Archeology. .