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If we have the creeping feeling that our lover is not being totally honest with us, the morning pages are liable to bring this creepy possibility up-and with it, the responsibility for an unsettling conversation. Rather than face this mess, we will mess up on doing the morning pages. By contrast, if we are suddenly and madly in love, the morning pages may seem threatening. We don’t want to puncture the fragile and shiny bubble of our happiness. We want to stay lost in the sea of a blissful us rather than be reminded that there is an line the we (or an “eye” in the we) that is temporarily blinded.


In short, extreme emotions of any kind-the very thing that morning pages are superb for processing-are the usual triggers for avoiding the pages themselves. Just as an athlete accustomed to running becomes irritable when he is unable to get his miles in, so, too, those of us accustomed now to morning pages will notice an irritability when we let them slide. We are tempted, always, to reverse cause and effect: “I was too crabby to write them,” instead of, “I didn’t write them so I am crabby.”


Over any considerable period of time, the morning pages perform spiritual chiropractic. They realign our values. If we are to the left or the right of our personal truth, the pages will point out the need for a course adjustment. We will become aware of our drift and correct it-if only to hush the pages up. “To thine own self be true,” the pages say, while busily pointing that self out. It was in the pages that Mickey, a painter, first learned she wanted to write comedy. No wonder all her friends were writers. So was she!