Make Up: Through Different Art Forms

Lines, shapes, colors, undertones, color blocking, and a lot more to consider is what makes art intricate and unique. Defining these factors and giving emphasis to what accentuates them in each type of art is something so satisfying for every artist that there is. The specific life that is being given to undertones to give dimension and the focus on shapes that can create symmetry are keen details that eyes have and what art purifies. In this sense, we can truly say that indeed, beauty and appreciation to art varies and is based on the eye of the artist or the mere viewer.

The Artistry of MakeUp

With all these said, what transpires in the era we live in as the most prominent type of art is makeup, and yes it is an art form. By simply saying makeup, we do not mean just putting a pop red of lipstick on, we mean defining bone structure, highlighting key points on the face to make a statement, enhancing eye color through color mixing of eyeshadows, and making sure that lines of the face are well illuminated just like how does it.

What also makes the process of makeup a dynamic of art is the color correction that comes with it. Choosing the proper shade of foundations, concealers, powder, and so on is very critical in making sure to produce the right color of the subject but also sticking true to her tone and nothing above or under it. Just as how painters have their color palettes, makeup artists have their palettes on corresponding color correctors like how green eliminates dark circles and how orange eliminates redness.

Considering makeup as an art form is beyond arguments since it is artistry in its purest form. Learning to do the process is not nearly easy as it sounds than just “putting on makeup”. It is understanding certain art concepts that you can apply to yourself to amplify its natural beauty or more so to others to amplify their individuality as well.