Online Education in Times of an Outbreak

It’s hard to be the bearer of bad news but it seems that there’s no stopping the increasing number of cases for Covid-19. In fact, the virus is now more of a global pandemic that forces different countries to take extreme measures to prevent the outbreak, one being implementing lockdown and quarantine to their respective territories.

Basically, with such bold move, the members of various professional learning networks have left with nothing but to identify key practices that will ensure successful online learning. In this article are ideas from educators worldwide on how teaching can be done despite the coronavirus situation.

Digital Equity

When it comes to effective online learning, equity is the biggest setback. Thus, this ought to be the first thing to be resolved. For students or teachers who do not have Wi-Fi access to their home, districts have to find a way on buying or renting Wi-Fi hotspots and then, plan for even distribution of both the hotspots and devices.

Always take into account that for students who have IEPs or Individual Educational Plans, they need an access to specific accommodations throughout closure which also include logins for apps and video access to aids.


Schools that have implemented digital learning in their facility and have worked out their way on home-connectivity as well as device issues are already one step ahead. However, in the event that your school hasn’t laid any footwork for this matter, this could be a wonderful opportunity for the school to grow and strive for greatness.

Instructors who are not accustomed to using learning management system will have to splurge themselves so to prevent communication interruption in wake of sudden closure. Teachers must have the initiative of improving themselves on technology tools and apps that might have to be used in case of closure.

Creativity and Passion of Teaching

Yes it is true that teachers are humans too but being an educator, you have a moral responsibility of educating and sharing knowledge to your students. From how you work your magic on finding out how much Vaillant boilers cost despite the situation we are facing now, make use of the same motivation and excitement in teaching your class.