Online Games As a Educational Tool to Offer Further Learning Prospects

We may think very smart, but the concept of human learning is rare. The children know that they are playing games. Until they go to school. The game will then stop. The same applies to general learning. This is a sad panorama drawn by a famous team of education and a team of “game shoes” experts, but optimistic about the promise to use games in pedagogy.

Playing unblocked games 66 in education is not a stupid question. Prof. Steinkuehler. He said “games are hard.” No. As part of the network, not itself, the game is an obvious terrain, you can free your mind, move around, and interact with everyone they meet. Experts say that MMO (large multiplayer online) game points, badges, rewards, and leaderboard systems can be replicated in an educational environment to explain people’s various motivations and interactions or self-expression needs.

Game-Based Learning in Education

Stein Küller, senior policy analyst at the White House Science and Technology Policy Bureau, explained his work at the University of Wisconsin. Her GLS team found that choice is very important to the final performance. Studies have shown that boys usually read math scores below the school level, but if the text is part of an online game, the same person reads the text for more than one academic year. This is a problem. Steinkuehler wants to investigate. If you can choose what the boys read in a series of tests using pizza, you can work harder by doing what you can do with online games. This result applies to boys who want to start and boys who are already on the right path.

The game is the architecture of participation, Steinkuehler said. Steinkuehler shows why it is important to be involved in working with boys. This is another example of Gee’s “collective intelligence.”

Similarly, former professor of Carnegie Mellon University, Malcolm Bauer, is currently the Director of Evaluation at Electronic Arts GlassLab in Redwood City, a member of Play’s non-profit design studio and talking about young people playing arcade games in New. it is. York City. . So he and his brother have a wonderful time, community, cooperation, adventure, making and having fun. But by then, future computer scientists will go home to do their homework.