Procedures On How To Lessen The Weight Of Your Child’s School Bag

Did you bring a bag of 5 kg of rice? Is it heavy? Unfortunately, some of our children go to school every day. Some people divide things into two or three bags. It seemed they were looking for a bag vs suitcase very similar to a trolley bag when they had to give up a project or art. In order to control weight, parents buy expensive ergonomic traction bags for their children. At the beginning or end of the course, you can hear the children standing at the foot of the school stairs and going up and down the stairs. arm! arm! arm! The stairs up and down are too heavy. On the other hand, it is full of handbags or recycling bags, and one hand can hold artworks or projects, so you need to take a balance. If you only have one hand, you can’t blame the bag.

Lessening School Bags Weight 

Simple Procedures on How You Can Lessen the Weight of Your Child’s School bags

  1. Cutting Down the Quantity of Subjects per Day

The Department of Defense announced that the number of courses would be reduced to three or four students per day. We would like to know why this was not achieved a few years ago. In any case, we want to reduce the load through excellent implementation and monitoring.

2. Lessening Work Books

I was surprised that this simple solution was not mentioned at all. Workbooks and personal workbooks were created by the Ministry of Environment survey. This is not because the workbook is another problem. Like the personal book, the weight of the bag also increased.

Simple plan? Reduce the number of cages to 2. We understand that teachers can showcase when students do other homework. You don’t need too many categories. Like this frustrated parent, look at the proportion of workbooks and textbooks.

3. Prepare a Bookshelf or Box for Safe-keeping

Storage can be in the form of inexpensive plastic boxes or wooden cabinets. Tired parents in this classroom began to install their own “lockers”. One parent donated used office furniture, and several parents had to complete the furniture during the day. There are no keys in this cabinet / shelf, but it is used to store heavy boxes such as book boxes, stationery, crayons, etc., depending on the number of children.