Reproduction Painting – What Is It?

Replicas are greater than ever and many of these are available in the market. For example, replica watches, like those found in, are sought by many as they are similar to the original brand but at a price that’s more within their means. In the industry of art, genuine art pieces are also replicated, however these types of works are made with specific tools as well as licensing.

Reproduction Paintings

Reproduction paintings, also known as repro paintings, are replicas of original artworks that are handmade. Professional artists painstakingly and meticulously craft and copies the original piece up to the last detail. The reason or intention behind the creation of art replicas is to expand the market to embrace the price range of every person.


Repro paintings are carried out cautiously, by means of a dot-matrix model to be able to accurately get every bit of detail. They aren’t similar to reproductions that are printed off of computers. All repro paintings are made by hand, and typically drawn on a kind of canvas that’s thin and stiff. They are however easily recognized as a replica even if they are very much similar to the genuine piece.

Differentiating Repro Paintings From Genuine Paintings

Repro paintings have particular attributes that display its disparities from the genuine piece. The replica, for example, is normally colored on a piece of fiberboard, cardboard, or paper. There must be an information on copyright placed in a corner written in small font. Although presently using a canvas is rare, it bares the even or smooth layers from the duplicated piece. The genuine art has numerous uneven layers, since the original artist corrects and adjusts any mistake they have made. Looking at it from a closer distance, the viewer would be able to catch sight of the dot matrix used for detailing.  All of these are subsidiary differences making the reasonable price of these replicas worthwhile.

Biggest Advantage

The biggest advantage of repro paintings are their reasonably-priced costs. Art collectors, even individuals who simply find the painting appealing, are capable of expending a lesser amount to buy the art work.  Reproduction paintings likewise appreciate or increase in value similar to the genuine art piece. This denotes that each year, the worth of these replicas rise by a particular percentage, which could go up to 20% yearly. Several individuals make use of this as a reserve or savings, wherein they intend to sell the replicated piece to an art center or museum once they come to a decision of retiring.