SEO Tips For Artists

Global SEO or global search engine optimization is the appropriate SEO to utilize if services, products or businesses intend to attract a target audience worldwide. When global SEO strategies are used, it will be reaching places around the globe. Typically, businesses who sell their products and services nationally and/or internationally or have different branches across the globe benefit much from global SEO.

SEO Tips For Your Art Website

Artist could actually benefit from SEO as well, especially in today’s highly digitized world wherein most people are connected and reliant on the internet. However, even if you have the most attractive website that reflects your artistry, without optimizing it, all of your target audience won’t be reached and won’t be able to show or market your creative works.

Here are a few things you could do to optimize your website:

Identify your Target Audience and Keywords

Identify who your unique audience are for your art. Your target audience as well as their interests will drive your keywords for SEO. The more distinct and well-defined you could be with your keywords, the better. Avoid excessively generic terms or keywords that are extremely competitive. The greater the competition is for a term or keyword, the lower the odds are for your content to be ranked.

Include Title Tags and Label to your Images

On your website, include these tags to your title tags. This would instruct Google as to how to file your page online. Google as well crawls the alt tags of your image, not your images. Therefore, for instance, rather than having an image title as “IMG07291.JPG”, change the alt tags of your image to a relevant search such as “affordable-living-room-art”.

Produce Quality Content and Make Use of a Reliable Platform to Host your Portfolio

To kick-start your SEO and put your creation on Google’s very first page of search results, put your profile on sites for art portfolio that are credible and ranked high. Since you don’t need to wait for Google to realize your site as a site that is authoritative, a portfolio hosted on a site with a solid presence on Google will get you more traffic towards your page. Moreover, create content of high-quality, such as blogs, to give your rankings a boost.