Spots and Lightning: Designing Your Seating Area in a Cozy Way

How do You get Good and Cozy lighting in your Seating Area?

Easy to carry out instructions
Do you also have a light point in the middle of the seating area on the ceiling? And have you also connected a lamp to it? Then read on, because in most cases you can illuminate your seating area much better in a different way. Basic instructions that immediately improve the atmosphere in your seating area!

The central box in the seating area
In most homes, there is a central light point in the seating area that is connected to the pendant lighting melbourne light switch. This central point in the middle of the seating area misleads many people. This point, the so-called central box, is there for technical installation reasons and not because it is so suitable to hang a lamp at that location.

Why is the central point not suitable as the most important lighting for the seating area?
The seating area is most commonly used for conversations with each other, for watching TV or for reading. A lamp in the center of the seating area does not provide the desired light.

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The central lamp is a ceiling lamp: it gives a lot of light all around. The room becomes flat and yet you do not have enough light on the couch or in your chair to be able to read it.
The central lamp is a spot or consists of several spots: The best thing to do is to place a spot on a wall to scatter the light and to illuminate an element (for example a painting or a fireplace). However, with a spot from the central point, the distance to the walls is too far. This gives you a good chance that you will look in the spot and be blinded by it.

My Advice
Ignore this central point on the ceiling. Or hang an inconspicuous ceiling lamp that you only put on if you need a little or a lot of light. Because this central box is connected to the light switch!
The only other option is a beautiful eye-catcher at that location, the light of which you then strongly diminish to an atmospheric element.