Students Experience Thrice The Mental Burden As They Enter College, Making Them Quit More Easily

College life is something that the students are so ecstatic so experience after graduating from high school. This is the point in their lives where they can feel like an actual adult, but they have more things to improve in themselves before they can become successful in their respective field of study. However, college is not a gentle breeze like some people might think. In fact, figures show that a huge percentage of students entering college do not graduate.

There Are Many Students Who Are Unable To Finish Tertiary Education, Study Shows

According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, the over-all six-year college completion rate for the cohort entering college in 2011 was only 56.9 percent. Meanwhile, around 45 percent of students completed a credential at the same institution where they started their studies, and another 12 percent finished at a different institution. While the data sound quite alarming, there is a bit of improvement with two consecutive years of increase in percentage, and the over-all completion rate has actually surpassed 56.1 percent, which was obtained right before the recession period in the United States.

There is a slight rise in college completion rate over the past few years, which might sound convincing, but there is still a reason to work on the number of college students who are not able to finish their education. Data shows that a pretty sizeable 43 percent of college students who started their post-secondary studies in 2011 have yet to obtain a diploma for their respective degrees.

What is more concerning is that one-third of this number had already dropped out of college, thus missing all the opportunities that their early years in college had to offer. Some people might blame things such as the negative influence of social media on the students, but more thorough investigation and action must be done to solve this.

College Students Tend To Experience Heavier Mental Health Problems Due To Academic Burden

Dealing with mental health is a serious issue, and it is not something that anyone should take lightly. This is very true for students who are struggling to finish a college degree. Based on the figures from the spring of 2018, almost two-thirds of college students said they had experienced overwhelming anxiety within the previous 12 months, and almost 57 percent said that they suffer from higher-than-average stress levels. There are many ways for a student to enjoy life and take things easier, perhaps even trying ownage prank call for some delightful moment, but what needs to be done here is to ensure help to these students from health professionals.

According to the Center for Collegiate Mental Health, for over a five-year span leading up to 2015, the number of college students who sought help from campus counseling centers due to stress and axiety concerns increased by an average of 30 to 40 percent, although it is worth noting thatr enrollment grew by only five percent over that same time period. This should already be expected, since the pressure in getting passing marks in college is arduous, not to mention the pressure for many students who still have loan depts to worry about instead of just focusing on their academic load.