The Science of Aphrodisiac Explained

I. Aphrodisiac and Other Libido Boosting Foods 

Relationships are not perfect and nothing is permanent in this world. Even couples who think that they will be forever happy are wrong. Well, some. Struggles are inevitable, especially among married couples. It usually starts after three years of living together. Of course, at first,  moments are filled with happiness, however, since not everything will go as planned and people have different views and opinions on different things, fights will be more frequent in each passing day. This will then affect the couples affection toward each other and unfortunately will lead to lower libido and seldom sex lives.

Other factors that affect people’s sexual desire are age and fatigue. Also, this kind of problem often happen to women. Given these circumstances, aphrodisiac for women or foods that increase sexual desire became available in the market. Aphrodisiacs come in different types. There herbal and non-herbal. The more pricey is the herbal aphrodisiac because of its ingredients that are not harmful to the body. These products made a difference among couples who have decreased their sexual desires.

On the other hand, people search the internet for the best aphrodisiac and where to buy one without actually knowing that some of the favorite food regularly are also form of aphrodisiac. This is when science takes it part. What are those foods and how is science related?

II. The Science Behind Aphrodisiac

Aphrodisiac or libido booster helps men and women to be always in the mood for some sexy time. It is indeed proven to benefit couples’ relationships. However, the side effects of such product are sometimes overseen. It is believed to not only have negative physical effects but also mental effects such as anxiety and depression. Even our comfort foods can lead to these effects:


According to studies, chocolates serve as aphrodisiac to others. People who tend to eat chocolate on their day to day living said to have higher libido in comparison to those who do not. Most of you ask why? to answer your question, it is because this kind of treat increases the flow of blood and contributes to the relaxation of the blood vessels.


Guess what? your favorite breakfast boost sexual desire especially among men. Research showed that incorporating this kind of food in your diet helps in increasing libido in just 8 weeks.



Wanna know more how can science improve your sex life?