TikTok: One Way for Artists to Get the Fame

TikTok is an entertaining app and it is also helpful and advantageous for artists as it could be a vehicle for them to gain followers and fans through creation of short video contents. Aside from that, TikTok can also help artists to gain money from music being used in TikTok. Basically, TikTok app is the current host of Musical.ly that is very specific for lip-syncing. And there is actually a technology working behind this app to make you get the fame.

The difference between TikTok and Musical.ly is the addition of the algorithm within TikTok which aims to boost the social mobility and outreach capabilities to make sure that all famous app users are within the latest trends.

Moreover, TikTok for artists is one way to get famous basically only through an overnight basis especially for musicians. This is very note taking for Y2K and bbno$, Ambjaay, and the most famous one – Lil Nas X. TikTok profile shows that 68% of listeners belong to the under thirty age group. This simply means that TikTok is a channel to directly connect with the music enthusiasts.

Making a Successful TikTok Profile

Artists who are also users of TikTok need to have a decent profile. All the information required for Facebook and Instagram are also essential for making TikTok profile. In addition, TikTok experts also suggest making the TikTok profile approachable and charming at the same time. 

It should be attractive and the username and profile image should create a great impression. Most likely, it is really advisable to give extra attention in providing a description on the kinds of videos that you’ll be creating which should also contain your music preference. It is also better to use a decent grammar unlike for those who are improving twitch followers

Artists’ TikTok Videos

The video contents of artists posted over TikTok should not be of total difference with that of other TikTok posts. Remember that it should relate that much with your genre of music as much as possible. Mixture of comedy and music should make your video contents and be creative in doing so. Below are some of the features that TikTok for artists’ videos should have:


1. Entertaining


This simply means that to be popular on TikTok, artists should be entertaining as well. And that’s where it should start and end as it may also be a way on how to get more TikTok views. 


2. Lip Syncing

Since it comes from Musical.ly, app users are still fond of lip syncing famous songs.

3. Duets

It is best to sing and collaborate with other great artists or famous TikTokers.