Time Period in History When Boots Designs Evolved

Boots are categorized as the oldest shoes made from the time the development of footwear started.

Typically, boots are types of shoes which were originally made of two-piece entity which covered the foot up to the lower part of the leg. Way back in history, boots are made from different materials including leather, wool, cotton, silk, felt, and fur. The baglike design of boots were so basic and just hampered to the leg through a strap of leather. And various historical developments surrounded the different designs of boots are available.

Historical Time Periods in Which Boots Designs Were Developed

During the ancient world, boots made of leather signified authority. Meanwhile, ornate boots indicated their state of royalty. Generally, Emperors and military officers with the highest rank wore boots during those times. Below are some time periods in history in which the designs of boots were developed.

Middle Ages

It was in this era when the knee-high laced boots known as the brodequin were worn by high-ranked officials. Moreover, the estivaux or a short, soft boots became popular on the twelfth up until the fourteenth centuries. Also, before the fourteenth century ended, soled hose had been starting to worn.

15th to 16th Century

A pair of thigh-high boots made out of brown animal leather was popular among men at the start of the era. Meanwhile for women, they wore laced ankle boots with fur lines during the 14th century. Materials suddenly changed upon gearing on the 15th century as lynx or the fur of wild animals were utilized as boot lining. And on the 16th century, high boots made of soft fragrant leather with a slouchy silhouette became popular.

17th to 18th Century

During the 17th century, leather boots became part of the military uniforms. The appearance was changed into a rigid combat model of boots. The primary function of these boots was to protect the legs while on horse riding.

19th Century

It was during the 19th century when boots became really popular. The best ever style during the early part of this century is the Blucher. This was a front-laced ankle boot usually worn by laborers. As time goes, the style changed subsequently to be suitable for casual and sportswear.

20th Century

Early times of this century made the boots turned back to its role in terms of functionality. As it moves to the end of the era, the boots started to penetrate the consciousness of fashion acquainted young population. It was during this time when new designs were being introduced using the traditional art to digital art. And up until the present, boots styles are continuously improving giving more designs, like the Logger Boots, applicable for the most type of individuals.