Tips on How to Organize a Successful & Interesting Educational Seminar!

In this millennial era, there are a lot of seminar events ranging from employee seminars, opening a cat sales business to how to import and export and so on. Usually, the success of an event is always measured by how many people come to the seminar and how many engagements there might be at the seminar (product sales, etc.). Annually, usually, everyone will attend at least 3-4 seminars a year.

Tips on Running Successful Seminars



From the information above, we can find out the importance of holding successful and interesting seminars for people who come to our events. In addition, the cost to hold a seminar is also very expensive starting from the cost of renting a room, decoration, lighting, food, sound hire, and souvenirs goodie bag seminar. These costs will swell if not accompanied by a good number of attendees from your seminar.

Then what important points do we need to pay attention to in holding a seminar? What distinguishes a successful seminar from a failed seminar? We will learn more about the following points.

Determine the Purpose or Objective of Your Seminar

Successful seminars are seminars that can provide clear information precisely on the topic of the seminar, have a rundown of events from the beginning to the end of the seminar, budget seminar costs that need to be issued and set of skills that must be possessed by the speaker. It is intended that your seminar will be very efficient both in terms of cost and right to the target audience you are after.

Selection of Seminar Place

The seminar venue is no less important than the seminar itself. Choosing a place that is far from most of your target market will adversely affect the ticket sales of the seminar itself. In addition, the facilities of the seminar venue need to be considered especially in terms of sound system, electricity capacity, crowd management of the building, access to and exiting, seating arrangements for the seminar and whether the venue is suitable to represent your company’s product or brand.

Consumption, Lodging & Souvenir Preparations

As the host of your event, it is important for you to prepare for your seminar consumption, especially if your seminar is very long. Lodging also needs to be considered if your seminar attracts many visitors from out of town or abroad, it is crucial to provide information about appropriate lodging around the seminar venue.

Aside from that, promotion is something that is required for the event makers. Starting from the leaflets, social media, and promotional media such as souvenirs the event needs to be prepared in advance to be able to attract many visitors. Great events are certainly not successful without targeted promotions. Providing souvenirs is one way to lure visitors to come to your event. Some effective ideas for media promotions are Flashdisk Promotions and Promotional Tumblers

Selecting Speakers

The speaker is the most important element in the seminar. The speaker who is the “teacher” on the topic you want to convey, will give a magnet to users who are interested in the topic of your seminar. The speaker needs to have a certain set of skills according to your topic and have a humorous or humorous personality that is sometimes important to make your event more lively.

Allow time to rest

Break times are important for participants in the seminar because basically humans cannot concentrate continuously (especially over 2-3 hours). So there is a lot of giving time to rest so participants can release fatigue or boredom, so they can focus more on the next event or session. Forcing events that are too crowded may not be very effective for participants.

From here you can find out some important tips on holding a successful and interesting seminar for participants.